Thanks Litter-Robot!

Thursday, 2 January, 2014 | Category: Featured Testimonials, Testimonials
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The Litter-Robot is the best thing to happen to my cats and me! It works amazing, is easy to use, and I couldn’t tell you how much better my life is not having to scoop a litter box OR smell it every day!

I only wish the globes were bigger so that larger cats would be able to use them!

Thanks Litter-Robot!


Akron, OH

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    • Kim says:

      I had a Litter-Robot (with extra window connected to the bubble). There is nothing not to love about the Litter-Robot except a lack of 5th holder to attach bags to in the litter drawer. My 16# and 18# solid black cats always came out of the bot with dusty heads so I assumed it was too small and gave the bot away. One cat isn’t with us anymore and one now weighs 14#. I have always missed the bot and other boxes start to break down in 4 or 5 months. I’m seriously thinking of trying another bot.
      That’ll be $800. It might be worth it.