New Litter Robot litter box Product Review

Wednesday, 19 August, 2009 | Category: Press
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Some recent press on our Litter Robot litter box….

Chicagoland Tails Litter Robot Product Review by Renee Krejci

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    • katy says:

      To say I or we (husband and kitties) loved your product is no where near adequate. My husband thought the cost of the litter robot was high at the time of my initial purchase. He thought I had lost my mind since we had recently purchases 6 purformas at almost 200.00 each. However, after using the robot only for a short while, he changed his tune. He actually wanted more of the robots. We now own six litter robots. Our house does not smell like 11 cats or even two cats for that matter. The litter robot is by far the very best product on the market. It was simple to set up. It ACTUALLY WORKS as described and makes disposing of waste a breeze. The cats seem to love it as they are all quite willing to use them. (cats will rebel if their box is blocked by a hung up rake) We had tried the “littermaid products”, more than one model of them. They were nothing but a headache. The rakes hung up no matter what litter I used. The receptacles were expensive and would often stay open (Odor YUK). Next we went through 5 or 6 of the PURFORMAS which were just as problem prone as the littermaids.
      The litter robot is truly appliance grade and is very worthy of the investment cost. lining the pan with trash bags probably has saved me the actual cost of each unit since I no longer have to purchase special receptacles that the littermaid and purrforma required. Also, I haven’t had to replace the litter robot every six months to a year either like I did the other units as previously described.

      Finally, last but certainly not least, the Litter Robot Co.’s customer service has been excellant. I have only needed to use it one or two times out over three years, six units and eleven cats. The two units were under warranty and they actually took care of the problems in a courteous and timely way. They are actually still working after the warranty has expired. That is often unheard of any more. I could be a sales person or do commercials for this product it is so good. The only thing that would make the product even more pleasing would be if it looked like a wood barrel so that it would be more aesthetic or if the litter robot company would make a cabinet for it to sit in that could be used as a table. I know, I know….I’m a spoiled person and so are my kitties, all eleven of the cuddly, lovey, indoor food disposal/animal waste factories.
      Now if litter robot could come up with something that eliminates fur balls, and excess hair…..Katy Carroll