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Monday, 14 April, 2014 | Category: Pro User Questions, Pro Users Group
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I have owned my machine for many years. I recently sent two machines to my daughter; she has lots of cats.   At one time, I had six cats and half of them used the machine; the others insisted on regular boxes.  I currently have two cats (MUCH EASIER) and neither of them is impressed with the machine.  I notice rarely they DO use it; I hear the machine cleaning itself.  I would dearly love to convert them full time to the robot.  Any suggestions?


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    • Shirley says:

      Hi Carol:

      In view of the comments in your Review, we do have some “tips”, which we would like to share with you and our hope is that one of them will help entice them to use the Litter-Robot.

      1. When starting out with the Litter-Robot leave it turned OFF. Wait until you see evidence of consistent use before turning it on and leaving it in automatic mode. If a clean cycle is required during the acclimation period, just run the cycle manually by turning the unit ON and then OFF again after the cycle has completed. Once you feel your cat is comfortable using the Litter-Robot you can then resume the automatic mode (leaving the unit ON).
      2. Keep the old litter box in the same room or next to the Litter Robot and let it fill up. This will give your cat a choice between the clean Litter-Robot and a not so clean litter box.
      3. Place treats on the ledge or around the unit so that cat associates rewards with the Litter Robot.
      4. One customer placed treats in a dish inside the unit as to get kitty to go inside and see that it safe and has clean litter.
      5. Sit down with kitty next to the unit. Talk to them and show them that the unit is nothing to be afraid of.
      6. Another customer placed the globe on the floor and secured it so it would not move. It being eye level must have helped kitty to feel more comfortable to enter the globe.
      7. One gentleman put food and water in the bathroom and shut the cat inside with the Litter Robot while at work. It gave his cat no other option but the Litter Robot. He chose the bathroom as it was easier to clean than most other rooms.

      Carol, we hope this information helps you. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

      Regards, Shirley
      Customer Service Team

    • Matilda says:

      I converted my feline nay-sayers by turning the automatic cleaning off initially and putting catnip in the drawer. Once they knew they could step in without worry, it became a non-issue.