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The Litter-Robot is a reliable, low maintenance automatic self cleaning cat litter box. It fees you from the chore of litter box scooping. Ideal for multiple cats – up to four cats per unit.

Cats like a clean litter box. The robot uses a weight-activated sensor to detect the presence of the animal. After seven minutes, a clean cycle starts with the slow rotation of the globe in a counter-clockwise direction. The Litter-Robot patented litter sifting process removes waste clumps from the litter, leaving a clean litter bed for your cats, every time.

The rotation of the globe sifts and separates clumps from the clean clumping litter and deposits all waste in a large drawer, which can be lined using any standard kitchen garbage bag. There is no rake mechanism that can get jammed or clogged or that needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. The globe then returns to its home position with a clean, level bed of litter ready for the next use.

The Litter-Robot accommodates a wide variety of litters, not just the premium clumping clay litters. Litter Crystals, Pearls, and bio-degradable litters such as World’s Best Cat Litter work well in the Litter-Robot.

The large waste drawer holds several days worth of waste. You can leave town for a short business trip without having to worry about your cat’s litter box.

The waste drawer was designed to prevent mold growth, eliminating that typical cat box smell. However, the manufacturer recommends that you empty the waste drawer at least once a week.

The Litter-Robot works with inexpensive standard 8 and 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags – those larger grocery bags work very well, too.

The spacious globe provides a large litter bed area for your cat. The Litter-Robot accommodates cats up to 15 lbs, but according to our customers larger cats have adapted to the Litter-Robot without problems. Unfortunately cats that weigh less than 5 pounds should not use it.

The Litter Robot 2 was designed for quality, and to give you reliable, trouble-free service with very little maintenance. Solid construction and industrial-grade components ensure a long life, maybe even the nine lives of your cat. The device should last the nine lives of your cat.


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    We have two litterbots and three cats but, they seem to be using the floor for some unknowen reason.

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