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New Bubble Globe and Lip Extender

Due to the many requests for a larger Globe we are pleased to introduce our latest enhancement……the Bubble Globe.

New Litter Box Enhancement - Bubble Globe

A skylight-type window mounted to the back wall of the Globe adds about 3 inches in the front-to-back depth of the litter chamber and provides natural lighting to the litter chamber. If you already have a Litter-Robot II and want to upgrade you can also just purchase the Bubble Globe alone.

In conjunction with the Bubble Globe, we have introduced an add-on accessory called the Lip Extender

Sometimes larger cats, or cats that have not mastered turning around in the Globe will ‘miss’ their target. The Lip Extender catches these ‘misses’ and redirects the errant liquid back into to the litter. The clever design provides for self-cleaning of any tracked litter on the Lip Extender. During the clean cycle, tracked litter is fed back into the Globe during the rotation. Note that Lip Extender is included with Bubble Unit or Bubble Globe.

Lip Extender installed on a Litter-Robot
Lip Extender shown assembled


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