Litter-Robot Celebrates Earth Day!

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Celebrate Earth Day and enter to win a FREE ECO Unit Litter-RobotTM made from 100% recycled plastics!

Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson (1916-2005), a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.  At the time (and of course, still today) there was growing concern about population growth and its effect on the environment and April 22nd was chosen as the day to celebrate the Earth and the environment.

Here at Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., we build our products in Juneau, Wisconsin, USA (county seat of Dodge county).  Building and buying locally helps to reduce carbon emissions from costly transportation from overseas – not to mention keeping jobs here in the USA.  Using recycled materials and designing products for longevity and repair are also big steps toward reducing environmental impact.

To celebrate Earth Day we are giving away a FREE ECO Unit Litter-RobotTM.   Simply write a paragraph or two (by commenting on this article) on how you and your pet are trying to reduce environmental impact.  Or, if you have any tips or advice on how to be more ‘green’ with your pet, that would be great too.

The winner will be randomly selected from all the comments.  Only pertinent comments will be considered for the drawing.  Make sure to use a valid email address so we can contact you.   Deadline for all comments will be June 1, 2009.  The winner will be announced on this blog ( by June 8, 2009.



  • Brad

    Example: We always get our pets from the humane society.

  • Joslyn

    Sorry my comment posted to the wrong post, I meant to comment on the earth day post.

    As a new cat owner, I’ve learned about a wide array of cat needs and products. I try to make wise decisions within my household that will have a minimal environmental impact.

    My family got our little guy from an unneutered neighbor. We agreed to a kitten as long as the neighbors agreed to neuter their cat.

    I was pleased to find that the cat industry has a variety of products to support these values. From recycled cardboard “furniture” and toys to organic food and treats, my little kitty leads a luxurious eco-friendly life.

    Our latest endeavor is an attempt to grow our own catnip!

  • Amy

    I currently have a scoop free litter box and a tidy cat breeze system. The large disposable cardboard box on the scoop free and the urine pad for the breeze are 2 things I would like to quit buying and adding to landfills! Would love to try the litter robot eco model.

  • Sarah Miranda

    I have 2 lovley adopted cats, thier comfort and health is very important to me. I clean my cats litter box with eco-friendly products such as Clorox green clean. I avoid using clumping clay litter at all costs. Not only is clay strip-mined (bad for the planet), but the clay sediment is also permeated with carcinogenic silica dust that can coat little kitty lungs (bad for the cat).

    I also frequent the website Eco-Me and enjoy the cat eco friendly products such as the flea and bug spray.

    Please consider me for the ECO litter bot, it will come in good use.

  • http://Google Sandra Houser

    Greetings Litter-Robot,
    And ALL the tech’s who helped behind the scenes to make it available! Kudos to Great Team Work!
    Each of us need to do our share in educating ourselves on HOW we can contribute to making our lives ‘Echo-friendly’ and sharing our discoveries with our neighbors!
    Our 5 yr. old feline was adopted from a rescue website for the diversified Bengal cat breed. They are highly intelligent cats, who at times act more like a dog or human.
    “LuLu” will actually get her leash and bring it to us when she wants to go for a walk. Since we live in an Apt., it is a must in helping her get exercise and fresh air.
    Her previous owner had to choose between LuLu or her brother. Both parents worked and would find that the two had been fighting in their absence. To our joy, we were able to bring LuLu home the same day we were interviewed by her and her Ex-Mom.
    LuLu had been use to one of those auto rake litter boxes, which her ex-Mom DID NOT recommend!
    She said they were going on their third unit and they still had problems with the ‘rake’ getting stuck. In fact, LuLu had an old injury where her nail caught in the moving rake, freaked and injured her paw.
    We asked that if they found something that really worked to please let us know. I absolutely HATE dealing with Litter boxes! And Bengal’s are known for having a higher odor factor in their body waste, a little more gamy.
    We only feed LuLu one brand of dry food that
    she had been raised on. Very finicky cat. We could find her brand only at Rainbow Ag. in the small town we live in. We are blessed at the fact that she will not eat any human food. She will not touch garbage nor will she eat can or wet food! Not even real TUNA!
    I spoke to a Vet about what type of litter that would be the best all around. Both good for LuLu and our environment.
    LuLu’s ex-family keeps in touch via e-mail. That was how I found out about Litter-Robot! She said they had purchased a ‘New’ Toy for their never ending search for automated litter duty details!
    She was REALLY excited about this one! Since she knew that we are avid recyclers, she just knew we were going to be happy with this one! She said not only does it work, but it has cut down on the amount of litter use. Enzymes use, and it was easily concealed for them by a large cat friendly tree house divider her hubby make out of recycled carpet samples and 1-2 in. pressed card board spools. Complete with a small patch of kitty friendly grass plugs they got for a small patch of Kitty lawn!
    She got my interest when she told us how good the warranty was on the unit. She said it was her understanding that recyclable materials were used in its manufacturing when it could. Plus, you can replace parts that naturally wear out or become defective. She was so excited that her small apt. no longer smells. Especially, on the hot days the Apt. has been closed up until they get home from work!
    I am totally sold! I have a twisted spine that makes it hard for me to bend and stoop. When I visited Jan, and her new ‘Star’ product, it had been three years! Brother and Sister still hate each other! LuLu tried the Litter-Robot immediately. No Problem, No fear! Took to it like a Queen’s Throne! However, she refused to allow its owner to use it! If he went near it, she chased him away!
    We soon had to leave for those reasons! Since, then Jan bought a 2nd one to take on the road with them to the cat shows. LuLu is having tempermental issues now and whines at the entrance of her ‘toilet’ letting us know loud and clear she feels cheated.
    We live on a fixed income and have tried explaining to her that we are trying to save up, for her own Litter-Robot. Until then, I will have to keep her old fashion litter box daily clean or she will go beside it…ugh! I tell Jan in all our email’s how I really Hate the fact that she has 2 and we have none. Yes, I DO BELIEVE they are worth every penny! In the mean time, I pray that LuLu will forget about it until we can afford to get her one!
    Thanks for letting me vent!
    LuLu’s MOM

  • Heidi

    The “greenest” thing we’ve done for our cats so far is to purchase a Litter-Robot! We have 5, yes 5 cats. Two were adopted from our local humane society and the other three were the kittens of pregnant strays in my neighborhood that I couldn’t bare to part with. In total I’ve rescued 12 cats over the past few years and there have been times when we’ve had up to 8 cats all living here with us. With that many felines in the house, getting our litter situation under control was undoubtedly important. We used to use a combination of traditional litter boxes and littermaids and dumped tons of litter into the trash on a weekly basis. After awhile the litterboxes would either break (littermaids) or need replacing when they could no longer be cleaned so I was always dragging the old stuff to the curb while bringing new plastic replacements into the house. Since we purchased the Litter-Robot we haven’t needed a plethora of litterboxes and the amount of litter we use has been reduced so significantly that it still surprises me.

    In addition to the Litter-robot we purchase organic food from a local business so we are not only providing our kitties with healthy food, we’re also helping the local economy. We also make sure to purchase toys/scratching posts/cat trees made out of recycled or easily recyclable materials whenever possible.

  • Laurel Krahn

    We use World’s Best Cat Litter and biodegradable plastic bags to collect the waste so we know that all the waste generated by our fabulous cats will break down in landfills.

  • Jessica

    A big tip that I use and recommend to be more green is instead of buying those cardboard box material toys, just use boxes you already have to make toys or let the cats just scratch on them. When they destroy it or get sick of it, then you can recycle it. My cats LOVE boxes and I usually let them play with whatever boxes I have laying around and then I recycle it!

  • Jill

    Hello all,
    Love your product and glad to see you are offering the eco model (recycled plastic), I would have ordered to be “green”, but this is my second unit and wanted the second to match:) Anyway, I am writing with my own green recommendation that I hope you will post on your website. Instead of full size kitchen bags, I use biodegradable compost bags, 3 gal size that I get at Whole Foods, They are surprisingly very strong and can handle 2 days worth of waste from 3 cats. If everyone would get away from using plastic that clogs up our landfills that would be fantastic. I have also switched to the Arm & Hammer advanced which is corn based litter, much lighter than clay and works perfect in the LR, no more gooping of litter on the ceiling! The litter also biodegrades which clay does not.

    Thanks again- Jill

  • Kim

    I found you!
    I just ordered our first Litter Robot, and am excitedly anticipating its arrival. I found your product through, where it seems to be the most favorably reviewed self-cleaning litter box—though I ordered it through your site because I wanted the new bubble globe, which Amazon doesn’t carry. I was very happy to get free 2-day shipping through your site, with no sales tax! Thank you.

    We’ve been using another self-raking system which has stopped “raking” after about 6 months. I did not want to buy another of these systems because the refills turned out to be crazy-expensive (increasing in cost several times during our experience), and the amount of waste with the refill box and granules is ridiculous.

    About us:
    We are a multiple cat household. (The number varies, depending on the feline guests that we house temporarily until forever homes can be found.) We love animals! Our three daughters were each given a kitten to raise when they were young girls. I believe this helped to teach them sensitivity and responsibility as they grew up. I also have my own cat. She was adopted from a rural shelter in the southern part of our state, which has an almost 100% kill rate. We found her through:, a site that I highly recommend if you are looking to adopt a pet. Through this site you can search shelters in your area, or all over the country, for a pet-in-peril that fits your family.

    My green tip:
    We live in an unincorporated area that has well water. The quality of the water isn’t great, to say the least. I wouldn’t drink it, and I wouldn’t expect the pets to drink it. You can probably imagine how many plastic water bottles that we’ve gone through. So the best thing that we’ve done for the environment lately is to install a Reverse Osmosis unit in our home. I was a little worried that nothing could make our water drinkable, but the RO-ed water tastes and smells even better than the fanciest bottled water. The unit flush water (it takes a few gallons to make one good gallon) goes into the garden.

    Earth Day and Eco Units:
    What a great idea it is! I have to admit that I didn’t order the Eco model this time, because the black unit matches the furniture of the room that it’s going into; occasionally vanity wins out here. But our kitties sure would love the luxury of a second bathroom! As much as we hope that they would politely wait their turn to use the facilities, it doesn’t always happen that way. We would love to win a Litter-Robot Eco Unit.

    Thanks for spending time to read and listen! :)

  • Kristin Hankins

    I have owned a litter robot for 8 months now with 4 cats. It continually amazes me how well it works with 4 cats using it all the time. I have to empty the bag every other day, and it just keeps chugging away. I totally love my litter robot and will never go back to any other way! I love the idea of the eco friendly Litter Robot. That is so awesome that plastic bottles are being recycled. I would LOVE to have another Litter Robot for my cats to use. It would definitely make them happier to have another litter box!

    All of our cats were rescued from terrible fates. Pebbles is the oldest and I found her on the side of the road as a tiny kitten. Her whiskers had been burnt off and she had the signs of starvation. I nursed her back to health! Now she is 10 years old! My next one is Punkin, he is now 8. He was a shelter cat that had been adopted but then the family brought him back. He was going to be euthanized the day after I adopted him. Elvira is our rescue from a bad home. She is now 2.5. And then we have Phantom. He was born in an abandoned home across the street from my home, and there were kittens all over the neighborhood. I took him in and found all of the other kittens a good home.

    So as you can imagine we go through a lot of litter. So we have some ways of trying to stay earth friendly around here.
    1. I use every left over litter container for other purposes. I wash out the jugs and store cat food in them. I use the big tidy cats litter bins to store all kinds of things like extra litter, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and I have even covered them in a pretty fabric and stored my crocheting and sewing supplies.
    2.When we go to the grocery store we try to remember our reusable bags but sometimes we forget and have to bring home plastic bags. Those get used to catch the litter in the Litter Robot. They also get used as trash can bags and lunch bags. Instead of just throwing them in the trash.

    Big thanks from Pebbles, Punkin, Elvira, Phantom and me to the makers of Litter Robot. I would be scooping poop every hour if it wasn’t for you! You have made our lives much more enjoyable!


  • Michelle Watson

    We have 4 cats in our family 2 were barn cats that we took in, and 2 were from the local animal shelter. All have been spayed or neutered. My 4 cats and I are reducing the environmental impact by using a natural wheat litter that is 100% biodegradable, and is made from a renewable resource. The cat food we buy is all made in the United States, lessening the impact because it does not need to use as much fuel as a food that has to travel from another county. We also try to lessen our impact by buying 2 bags of food and litter each time we go to the store, cutting down the amount of times we need to drive to the store. Their favorite scratching toy is a cardboard insert, and after they have used both sides, we recycle it, along with the litter and food bags. I think having a litter robot made local/recycled materials is an awesome idea. We don’t currently have a litter robot in our house but the recycled one is the one I have been looking at!

  • Eric Kounz

    First, we love our Litter-Robot! We are two working parents and it saves us so much time! We currently use biodegradable plastic bags to collect the waste. They work just as good as regular plastic bags that you get at the store. We also use Clorox green clean to wipe/clean the Litter-Robot when it gets dirty and dusty. We also purchase toys (cat tree, cat post) made completely out of recycled materials.

  • Elena

    I like to make toys for our cats using cardboard, yarn, or whatever bits-and-bobbles we have around the house. The cats enjoy them just as much as the store bought toys (especially once catnip is added!). Thanks for the contest!

  • Whitney

    It’s amazing how much litter we save using the litter robot! I would love to have another so that our cats wouldn’t have to share so much, they are just amazing! Wouldn’t go back to a regular box!

  • Ken Bane

    The Bane Family in Fullerton CA – Shannon, Ken, and Zach (10 years old), Elaina (8 years old) and Spook (our cat) do our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

    We participate in our city’s recycling program, taking plastic and glass recyclables out of the waste stream so they can be melted down and re-used. We also participate in our City’s green waste program, where lawn and yard clippings are collected in separate trash barrel and used to make compost!

    Here is something important: don’t flush your cat’s waste – put it in the trash!!


  • Jorge

    There is something greatly satisfying about purchasing a product that is made in the States. The decision to support a local company is made all the easier by the fact that the product you sell, the Litter-Robot, is durable, efficient, and convenient! The Litter-Robot’s design is in and of itself a step toward reducing our (and our pets) impact on our world. We use less litter and we use fewer plastic bags because the holding compartment is bigger and odors are kept at bay (hence a reduced need to throw out the waste). Furthermore, the bags we do use in the Litter Robot are biodegradable.

  • Cris

    We love our Litter Robot, we love our Litter Robot,
    We love our Litter Robot. Takashi,Exxon and Najinska love the Litter Robot as much as I do. Exxon likes it so much he still has to rush over to investigate every time it cycles, and he has been using it almost a year! We recycle any plastic shopping bags we have inside the unit. I never buy bags. What a great invention!
    Thanks from all of us! Meow
    PS I don’t have the technical expertise to put something on you tube otherwise I would.

  • Patricia

    I love love the litter robot!! So much so that I have told everyone I know about it and have had a few friends purchase one. Now that we have a litter robot we use some much less litter and therefore there is less to throw away. In our litter robot we no longer use plastic bags, instead we lay down newspaper. We too give our cats boxes to play with and then recycle them after they have beaten them up. We just recently bought a house and were going to replace the backyard grass with rocks so that we could save water. However, our cats love the grass!!! So, in order to keep the grass in the backyard for the cats, we now collect our laundry water (we use environmentally friendly soap) and use that to water the both the grass and the plants. Honestly, the plants and grass have never looked better…must be some really good stuff in the soap!

  • Miriam


    I rescued 2 kittens 3 years ago and they adopted me very quickly. I didn’t have cats as pets before so I needed to learn what would make them & our household a pleasant atmosphere. I got a litter box that was automated to wash & dry itself. I wasn’t happy with it plus the dirty water was dumped into the city sewer system. I knew I needed another type of litter box.
    I later came across the Litter Robot and purchased one. It is great that any clumping litter can used. I prefer not using clay litter because of the impact on the environment so I opted for corn litter. It works very well with the Litter Robot and the cats transitioned to it very quickly. The Litter Robot has been very dependable and very easy to maintain. I am so happy with it that I gave my children the ECO friendly gray units for Christmas. Thank you Automated Pet Care for a really great product!

  • Judy

    Like someone said above, the greenest thing we did for our cats was to buy a Litter Robot – using it has cut way back on the amount of litter we use. I only wish we had more than one (we will some day) – since we have multiple litter boxes (all our cats are rescued & we can never say no to one). For the world at large, though, we help the planet by trapping & neutering/spaying the local feral cats (& releasing them). All our cats love the litter robot – both for its intended purposes & for general entertainment (Some just love to watch it empty).

  • cris bonuso

    I am thrilled to be able to add my comment on Litter Robot. I must say that over the years and many indoor and rescued cats later, we finally hit the jackpot when Litter Robot was invented and offered to us. In the past 3 decades, I have tried to find ANY and EVERY possible way to ease my burden of scooping and disposing of litter for our many feline babies. Litter Robot is the ONLY product that truly earns the Title of CHAMPION of the litter boxes, er globe. I have tried littermaids, straining pains, turn ’em over trays…………etc. etc. BUT I will never have to bother with any of those Litter Robot wannabes again. I have 3 Litter Robots and hope to have another soon, as the feral population outside begs for more rescues (ah spring is the mating season!) It is the very best product EVER. As far as earth friendly- it even does that well TOO. We use combinations of all kinds of earth friendly clumping litter- wheat, wood, the World’s Best Litter, etc, and have to use a lot less of it. This is mainly because it stays in the globe, and is not likely to fly outside from enthusiastic scratchers. It sifts itself and thereby, we use less than if we struggled to dislodge litter from rakes and sides of boxes. We reuse the plastic liner in the Litter Robot collection box- so we don’t contribute unnecessary plastic to the town dump. I just can’t praise this product enough to do it justice. We are forever friends of this fantastic and eco-friendly invention!

  • Alexia Maneschi

    A few ways we’ve gone “green” are we rescued our cats from a shelter, feed them all-natural or organic foods, and recycle our empty cardboard boxes that litter comes in and the empty tin cat food cans once our kitties have eaten. Just tryin’ to do our part for the “Purrr-th”!

  • Carey Bear

    Our family, consisting of myself, my husband, and our two fabulous kitties, Gilbert and Calliope, tries to keep “being green” in mind everyday. We start the day by feeding our cats organic food with grass fed beef so as not to support factory farming. We also recycle the cans. Clean up is done with eco-friendly cleaners to keep us all healthy and safe. We’ve had a Litter Robot for three years and have loved it! Unfortunately, it’s no longer working so we’re using biodegradable litter boxes with biodegradable litter while we save up for another Litter Robot. We miss the convenience and our kitties miss using it. We would LOVE to upgrade to the ECO Unit Litter Robot and are so grateful for the chance to win one! When we were using the Litter Robot, we used biodegradable liners in the bin and eco-friendly litter. Also, a lot of the cats’ toys are made with eco-friendly or organic ingredients. I often make toys for the cats, re-purposing old socks by filling them with catnip and sewing them up! The cats love it and it keeps me from throwing away old socks in a landfill. Thanks for considering our “green” family!

  • Valerie

    I love my litter robot all my cats use it everyday I have only 3 cats

  • Amelia

    My cats and I stay green by shopping in local pet stores that support environmental initiatives. Our local pet store sells cat litter in bulk, and best of all, we can bring in our old jug to have it refilled! It’s also a great spot for eco-friendly cleaners. I buy catnip and make the cats’ toys myself using old socks and rags. The cats love them and I love not spending $5-10 per toy.

  • April

    I purchased a litter robot as a gift for my sister a few years back. She absolutely loves it and now that I am the proud guardian of four kitties- I would love to have one too!
    Like most cats, mine are not particularly environmentally conscious… But they don’t mind being green as long as there is something in it for them! For instance they didn’t complain when we turned down the thermostat this winter- it only encouraged them become more affectionate, as they cuddled us for warmth whenever possible. A win-win scenario for kitties, people and the earth!
    They also quite enjoy re purposing found objects into toys. No need to drive to the pet store to buy another disposable toy- that milk cap ring/ empty lip gloss tube/ leftover bit of string will provide hours of fun!

  • Aimee

    Thanks for the earth day reminder! It’s nice to talk about sustainability ideas in a forum like this one.

    Using biodegradable bags was the first step we adopted directly related to the Litter Robot. We had already been using the pine litter to keep the cats away from the harsh chemicals in many litter brands. The cleaning products we use to clean the Robot and the entire house actually are biodegradable and not harmful to the pets or ourselves.

    I have been a bicycle rider for years and have been an avid commuter as well. Moving to Los Angeles was a tough change in this realm, but we have learned to adapt. We purchased a bicycle trailer that is designed for kids and now use it to transport the dog to the dog park. So, instead of driving, we can pedal along while the dog, Pogo, gets to add to her leisurely day. She normally gets walked in the neighborhood, but this ride is a special treat for her and I.

    Keep up the good work! I appreciate the efforts and encouragement on sustainability.

  • Melmike

    We are “green” cat owners in that we use corn litter in our Litter Robot, and it works GREAT! Corn litter is biodegradable, plus it’s much better for the cats (we don’t have to worry about them accumulating a ball of bentonite in their guts from cleaning clay litter off their paws). Further, four of our five (indoor) cats were rescued as kittens from a nearby feral cat colony (our fifth cat was found on the streets as a kitten) – that’s “green”, yes? Yes! And we are working on TNR (trap-neuter-release) of the feral colony to get the population under control. Lastly, the feral colony provides “natural” rodent control – we’ve seen no mice around since the colony “arrived” a few years ago! Litter-Robot folks, keep up the great work! We have two units (one brand new, one reconditioned) and LOVE them!

  • amy

    wow, an environmentally-friendly litter-robot?!? why aren’t other litter box manufacturers doing the same???
    my three rescued boys try and reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can by:
    * using biodegradable litter
    * loving organic and recycled textiles for toys and bedding
    * buying locally made cat food
    * growing our own cat nip
    * recycling packaging from food and toys
    we hope that other companies will do the same as litter-robot and help make the earth a better place for future cats and dogs!

  • Desiree DiLucente

    I have a multiple cat house and I love the litter-robot. i bought my first one 5 years ago and haven’t had any issues or problems. I use enzyme treatments in the waster drawer so that i do no have to use bags at all,it has worked out great. In addition I clear the dome and drawer with plain vinegar and a cloth. Simple and easy. my cats love having a aclean box all the time. Thanks!

  • Desiree DiLucente

    I have a multiple cat house and I love the litter-robot. i bought my first one 5 years ago and haven’t had any issues or problems. I use enzyme treatments in the waste drawer so that i do no have to use bags at all,it has worked out great. In addition I clear the dome and drawer with plain vinegar and a cloth. Simple and easy. my cats love having a aclean box all the time. Thanks!

  • Erin B. Leveille

    We purchased the “Eco” version of the littermaid for our cats in December. They both love it (one is a full sized cat and one is a “munchkin”). We use recycled/environmental friendly garbage bags in the litter robot to be even more environmentally friendly. And, as others have said, we now use far less litter which helps as well!

  • Bud Cots

    We bought a litter robot because my brother loved his soooo much and no expensive refill things either. Really does not use much litter (many brands have all worked well for us.) and requires nothing more than cheap bags for the tray. Globe has had a few good cleanings when I forgot to empty the tray, but fairly maintance free. We reuse then recycle the 40lb litter buckets. We expect this litter box to still be going strong in years to come. Customer service had been great and they now offer replacement parts online. Glad to know it is not a throw away product like almost everything is!

  • Lisa Y

    Cats are pretty low impact on the environment. Mine definately eat all their food to the last crumb, so there’s no waste…. I’ve started collecting those re-usable cloth grocery bags. I already recycle the food cans. I prefer the cardboard boxes of kitty litter since they’re lighter, but I do have a few of the plastic pails which are great for storing car wash materials.

  • Polly Rowan

    I don’t know who was more fascinated by my LR, my cats or my foster kids! My tips for eco-cats? When you throw away the inside-out umbrella, save the cover, fill it with catnip, and tie a knot in it…instant cat toy that won’t give you a heart attack if you step on it in the dark. Next buy one batch of cat food in the big plastic container with the handy handle and then buy bags to refill the handy container over and over and over. Last but not least, we use a refillable litter bucket that we take to Petco…same bucket, 8 years!

  • Kait

    I second all of the comments above about how fabulous the litter robot is! I volunteer for PAWS, a rescue group based out of Philadelphia, PA, and I learned of this wonderful robot on the volunteer forum. Several other volunteers commented that they too have purchased one because of my and others’ encouraging comments.

    Because of my work at the rescue, my husband and I currently have a mama cat and her 5 kittens, in addition to our 3 resident cats. In order to be more environmentally friendly we use old cardboard packaging as scratch pads, which can be recycled when the kitties have had their way with them! We grow our own catnip, which our cats LOVE, and it doesn’t require processing and packaging. We also grow rosemary, and I clip a few branches every couple of weeks to put under the litter bag and it helps keep the whole litter area smelling fresh.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Lisa R.

    Our household has always strived to make “green” environmentally ethical decisions. Part of that dedication was the purchase of the Litter Robot. I commend your company for now offering the 100% recycled ECO-unit.

    We use biodegradable clumping corn litter in our robot. All of our cats eagerly use the robot. In addition to the robot for cat waste management, we are now attempting to train our brighter students to use the human toilet. This has proven to be a challenge.

    Our indoor cats have all come from shelters, or ferals we have domesticated, they are all spayed and neutered and are fed only organic cat foods. We have also committed ourselves to a small spayed/neutered outdoor feral cat colony that we feed year round and provide shelter for during the winter months. They, unfortunately, have never experienced the luxury of a Litter Robot.

    For eco-friendly kitty entertainment, our butterfly garden provides a habitat for mainly monarch butterflies. Many birdhouses along our fence line provide shelter for birds to nest. A pond with fountain and birdbath are also provided. The views from the windows are a constant delight for our cats in the winter. The sights and smells of the outdoors are available to the cats, during warmer weather, from a screenhouse attached to the house.

  • Stephanie

    Second only to the health of my 2 rescue cats is being eco-friendly. Step one to make my pet care as eco-friendly as possible was purchasing the litter-robot. It uses less litter and reduces the number of bags I have to use since the drawer is large enough to not have to empty every day.

    Second, I switched to an organic all natural corn litter. “The World’s Best Cat Litter” is truly that. It is eco-friendly because there are no chemicals or perfumes used to make the litter, and it is naturally processed. The company that makes the litter promises to only use proceedures friendly to the environment and it is so safe it can be flushed down the toilet. It also means that when the kitties are licking their paws and cleaning their fur, they are in no danger of injesting anything harmful.

    Lastly, I only use eoc-friendly Seventh Generation cleaning products. This is especially important when cleaning the inside of the litter robot. It means that my cats will have a safe breathing environment.

    There are a lot of other things you can do to be a more eco-friendly pet owner: 1)make your own cat food reducing the tons of packaging that goes into the ground each day. 2) Grow your own catnip and catgrass. 3) Use only eco-friendly flea and tick products and ask your vet about organic and natural vaccines and medicines. 4) be more aware when you are outside and pick up trash that can run off into the ocean and end up in your cat’s dinner bowl.


  • Cindy

    I love my Litter Robot and I’ll never use any other product. Over the years I have always had 3 to 4 cats (all rescued)in my home and I have tried every product out there trying to lessen the maintanence chore of keeping a clean healthy litter box. I was thrilled when I found Litter Robot. I am no longer a slave to the litter box. I now use eco-friendly organic litter, although the cost is a littler more than regular clay clumping litter, it’s still a savings because I’m not using as much thanks to the Litter Robot. I thank you and my cats thank you, they love always having a clean box.

  • Caitlin

    Wow, it’s great that you guys are using recycled plastic…I didn’t realize you made an ECO product…or maybe it’s just new? I’d really love more information from your product team, or from other consumers about using earth-friendly litter with the Litter Robot. Because my cats aren’t good cover-upers, I worry about everything clumping by the time it cycles and thus I use a traditional clumping litter. If anyone has used a corn/soy/newsprint whatever clumping litter that works well with this system, I’d love to know — and go just a little bit more ecofriendly. Like others have said, just using the Litter Robot at all way reduces waste: wasted litter, wasted liners, wasted machines and most of all, wasted time! You guys are awesome.

  • Stephanie Boissonnas

    Love the Earth Day promotion!

    We’re another 5-cat household (all from shelters!), and as you might imagine, we use a lot of litter. Our Litter Robot is the first way in which we aim to be green: it uses so much less litter than normal boxes that it has drastically reduced the number of trips we need to take to the pet store, which in turn lowers our overall carbon footprint. But when we do find ourselves buying more litter, we always bring and refill existing containers rather than buying new jugs or boxes each time.

    Our newest green initiative is to use biodegradable bags for litter waste; we used to use plastic grocery sacks but no longer have any now that we’ve switched exclusively to reusable shopping bags!

    Thank you to the folks at Litter Robot for helping make the world a better place for me and for my cats.

  • Amber

    My kitties & me took the first step towards being Eco-friendly when we bought our litter robot. Our old gross box would get stuck and could only use clay litter (littermaid) It also had disposable trays which were terrible on the environment, where as the awesome Litter-Robot the only thing that is bad for the earth are whatever bags you use, and even then you don’t have to use bags you can just wash out the tray. I have 6 cats that use the box, and it never gets dirty and we are a very happy house. I love that i can use a variety of litters, and it provides a source of entertainment for my cats when it works. It also always works like it should and tells me when it’s full. This is the BEST INVESTMENT i have ever made, because it also cuts down on amount of litter & the amount of litter that my cats can kick out of the box. LOVE LOVE LOVE MY Litter-Robot <3

    I tell all of my friends how great our “space age litter box is” someday i hope to buy a second but for now my single one is working wonderfully!

  • Melinda

    My Cornish Rex Queen Jasmine and I try to be green and natural with her care.
    Her spray to reduce dander as well as her litter box spray is made from all-natural plant extracts. That allays my fears that Queen and my home are exposed to toxic chemicals.
    The pet website where we buy her toys and products uses only biodegradable peanuts and recycled cardboard and only uses enough material to ship the package.

    Queen’s litter is pure corn that is absorbent, biodegradable but also safe for septic systems. Her litter robot filters out the clumps leaving the clean litter behind so I use less bags of it. The addition of the new fence and extender lip has been wonderful as she jumps full speed and sprays litter all over the floor. The fence prevents a lot of the litter from escaping and the extended lip catches whatever does come out and puts it back in to the orb when it rotates. This has saved even more litter as well as my carpet. I also enjoy the fact that the litter robot does not need any specially bought bags. I used to have a collection of grocery store plastic bags because I felt about just disposing of them but now they are being used.

  • Dawn

    Well, I can’t say enough about my Litter Robot. I have had mine for about 2 years and would never use anything else again. I have two cats and I have definitely seen a decrease in our usage of cat litter. Not only does that save money but keeps down amount of litter being thrown into trash. In addition, I know can use recycled biodegradable bags – which couldn’t do before.

    So the Litter Robot is a win win for everyone – cats, their humans and the earth.

    I have also made an effort recently to cut down on the things I buy the cats – because I mean they are just as happy (or more) with a crumpled up piece of paper than with a purchased toy.

  • Sandra

    I have been breeding birmans for 17 years, first in Argentina, now both in Argentina and the US.
    In order to breed high quality and to have the chance to improve and move forward on your breeding plan, a certain number of cats is required. I would say somewhere around 10, otherswise you’ll keep producing the same level of quality over and over again for years
    Litter-Robot is absolutely the best automated litter machine EVER. Take this as the word of a pro, clean freak and mulicat household keeper!SANDRA

  • Laura

    I love my Litter Robot! The cats took awhile to adjust but everyone is happier now! I don’t have to scoop every day! The new “bubble” invention was a great idea. I have a large cat and was unsure if he would really fit in the robot.
    Thanks for a great product and for being ECO friendly!

  • Vabessa

    Good to read everyone’s eco comments and suggestions. Mine is small by comparison but may help someone else out. I got the LitterRobot for a Christmas present to ME ! Like others I was tired of tons of litter being wasted — most of it flying all throughout my house ! as well as bags and supplies that were not only expensive but not a bit eco friendly. Unfortunately my cat, Blue, did not immediately take to the LR. She sniffed and watched, watched and sniffed … but did not enter. It took a bit of time and tricks but eventually she started using it and got better at using it. There are times, however, when she is shy about getting “in there” and she ends up urinating on the outside and that messes EVERYTHING UP: The Filter, the controls (I leave them covered) the small bits of cat litter (esp. if you still use clay based), and the bottom of the holding bin. What we did, along with switching to Little Bits (a pine based all natural biogradable cat litter) was to put the pine litter in the BOTTOM of the holding tray with the biodegradable bags on top of the pine litter. So when she does have an accident … the pine litter absorbs it, neutralizes the odor and when I come home I can just throw it out the window as it’s biodegradable ! Just one small solution to a pesky problem. I love the LR! I can leave for work on the road for 4-5 days at a time and come back to a house with just one litter box and one clean eco friendly cat! Thank you ! Best, V

  • Theresa

    We, of course, use the Litter Robot which is wonderful! We try to use recycled items whenever possible as well as recycle ourselves. All of our pets have been rescued rather than purchased. In fact, we rescued a mother cat and her five kittens that were dumped just last summer. We had a baby this year and we use gdiapers rather than fill up the landfills with plastic diapers.

  • Kristy

    All of our animals are rescues and we enjoy them so much. We purchased a litter robot when I was ill to make our life easier and we have loved it from day one. Our oldest cat took to it as quickly as our younger cat but soon had problems with aim. Then we discovered that the problem was pre-diabetes and an inability to flex her body around inside the chamber. We set up the old litterbox as a temporary solution until we could figure out what to do. Once we realized she was on her way to full-blown diabetes we started both cats on a raw diet. It took some adjustment time, but now both cats are healthier and happier. Our oldest cat has slimmed down and regained her flexibilty and we hope to get her back to using the litter robot now that she no longer has accidents half in and half out of the large open box we set up for her during her illness.

    I was very excited to see the bubble added to this great product. I think that would have helped us with our cat’s problem when she was ill and will probably make this product work for cats that normally would not be able to take advantage of it. I love that it is made from recycled materials and has replacement parts available as well.

    As for being eco-conscious, around my house we buy local meat and feed the cats raw meat that we freeze after grinding. There is no manufacturer or canning process for our food and the cats actually generate less waste as a result of eating raw meat. We no longer generate garbage or recycling material when we feed our pets. All of their toys and beds were made by me from recycled clothing or materials and home-grown catnip.

    Thanks for the great products and keeping the jobs here in the U.S. Keep up the good work!

  • richard shoemake

    i purchase flushable biodegradeable liter and flush my tray twice a day for two cats.. i never have too much for the flush to handle but common sense flush small amount several times if you have that much !! i love my bot worth every penny, never had a problem unlike litter maid which had supervse all the time !!!

  • Corrina Copiskey

    When I forget my green bags at home, I get plastic. I then use them instead of regular garbage bags for my litter robot as a liner. When I take out the garbage, I empty the litter robot drawer into the garbage bag on my way to the trash can. That way I am filling up the garbage bags all the way, and reusing the plastic ones.
    If we have scraps of lean meat I throw those in a baggie in the freezer to use for treats. I’m not buying store treats and am aware of the ingredients so it’s healthier for her. She likes getting a nice piece of meat over something shaped like a fish or a star.

  • Danny

    We only use the Arm and Hammer pure clay litter so it goes back into the soil without any perfumes. We can only use this with the Litter Robot as it doesn’t let anything hang around!

  • Melanie

    I have been rescuing and adopting strays and shelter cats for over 25 years. We currently only have 7 but that is temporary. I am looking to adopt a couple more very soon. Of course, all of our cats are spayed and/or neutered.I think the best way a cat lover can go green is to adopt a shelter cat. It appalls me that cat (and dog)breeders are still producing litters. When you can find a rescue group for virtually every breed out there, how can they continue to add to the pet over-population?
    We began going green before it was fashionable. We make a lot of our own cat toys and beds from recycled items that are no longer needed. I grow my own catnip which I dry and add to the toys. I have made several very nice cat beds using old vellux blankets. The cats seem to adore vellux as much as I do!
    This is a wonderful giveaway, thanks for offering such a wonderful prize!

  • Erin

    I try to use natural litter and earth-friendly cleaning products for my two rescued cats. The litter robot would be a huge help in reducing the volume of litter that gets thrown away, and the biodegradable bags are one more step in reducing waste in landfills.

  • Jenny

    We have 5 cats living in our household, which means that our choices about how to reduce our ecological footprint can make a big impact. The first and most important thing is that all our cats are spayed or neutered, reducing the number of unwanted or uncared-for cats on the planet overall.

    We buy cat food, litter, and plastic bags in bulk, so as to reduce the amount of packaging. We buy 50 pounds of litter or food at a time, so that we don’t need to make multiple trips to the store. Naturally, we recycle the empty cat food cans. We also use the empty bags that contained dry food as garbage bags so that they can get a double life. The tubs that once contained clean litter are used to house dirty litter, or are repurposed to store bird seed, potatoes and onions.

    Finally, I feel really good about my cats using the Litter Robot, because overall it has dramatically reduced the amount of litter waste that my cats produce. We love the Litter Robot!

  • Tiffany Walsh

    Santa brought us an Eco Litter Robot last Christmas. It took awhile for our two kitties, Sebastian & Penelope, to have the guts to go in, but now, they tolerate it and are still very amused by the cleaning process (I think they’re still a little freaked out of the closed in dark hole). I love it because I don’t have to scoop a litter box anymore. Plus, I use ecogarbage bags (the green corn bags) to catch the waste inside and we also use The World’s Best Cat Litter (Corn again). I feel great about having our cats’ waste being completely biodegradable. We’re excited to one day have a house and yard where we can compost the waste ourselves. We’re in Beverly Hills now in a one bedroom apt. So, until later, space and efficiency is key and the Litter Robot provides that for us. We’re just praying that with the amount of cycling our kitties activate, the motor is going to hold out! :) Our Cat People friends are extremely jealous. And rightly so, because the Litter Robot will change your life. And ladies, when you’re planning on getting pregnant and having kids soon, this is PRICELESS. Because a preggers lady can’t scoop a litter box. Let’s just say my husband is very thankful for the Santa’s gift.

  • Denise White

    We scoop the litter boxes often to cut down on how much litter we use. I have gotten pillow and cushions from the thrift store and covered them for cat beds. We compost and use it to grown catnip (an other stuff) in the garden. Never use chemicals to clean my house. And we’re always on the lookout for any other ways to “go green”! Would love to win this larger litter box since my kitties are all so big! 😉

  • Steve

    My wife and I have always had cats. Currently we have a brother and sister that we adopted as a pair. There names are Sascha and Flynn. These two are very fastidious and as such, are in love with there Litter Robot. They get a clean litter every single day of there lives!
    Sascha and Flynn naturally love the environment as well! There meals are l organic, there toys are made from reused items in our house such as cardboard homegrown catnip. There litter robot like some other posters have mentioned also uses only biodegradable eco friendly bags! On behalf of Sascha and Flynn thank you Litter Robot for making such a tremendous American made product!

  • Carol

    Wow, great giveaway! I am a shelter volunteer, and when I first started, I was appalled at all the waste every day….paper towels especially. I have “gone Green” in my daily life with my cat by buying eco-friendly cat litter, and I have gotten our shelter on board too! We also found that using much LESS litter in the boxes worked fine.

    If I could reduce the litter waste from my own own cat by winning this, I’d be thrilled. I find that the best tip to getting people to reduce their environmental impact is to set a good example, and gently and kindly work with them so they follow suit.

    Many thanks for this wonderful chance to win.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    We rescued both of our cats from the shelter when they were only 4 weeks old. Of course we had them fixed so as to fight overpopulation of kitties.

    As for being environmentally friendly… we use “green” cleaning products around the house. We do not use any pesticides inside either. This keeps our house healthy for both the human and feline residents. Secondly, we buy our food and litter in bulk so as to cut down on wasteful packaging.

  • Chia Tsao

    I reuse as much as I can. We buy bulk for our four cats. The empty cat litter containers become planters for my balcony container garden. (I am grow as much of my own organic food this year, including catnip and cat grass!) We leave a few bits of kibble in the empty food bags and let the cats shred the bag while “hunting” the last few bits.
    I spin yarn and knit so I repurpose the scraps as cat toys or as colourful ties for my plant stakes.
    Of course, the litter robot has reduced my litter consumption drastically. I use to use one container of cat litter every 5 days, now I use one a month or less.
    As the other thoughtful poster noted above, all my cats are adopted and neutered. They are indoor cats as well, since we live in a high traffic suburban area.

  • richard shoemake

    i buy flushable liter w/ 2 cats i flush the tray twice a day and have no problem w/ toliet handling it. but common sense tells you to do several flushes if tray is full !!! i love my bot i ve had no problems unlike the liter maid which i had watch constantly !! and never lasted a year !!

  • Chad

    We have 4 cats (yeah, I know) and once we tried the Litter Robot we knew we’d found the best litter option. It was pretty funny watching them check out the device- they would sit and wait for the globe to spin!

    The Litter Robot really helps with keeping the area clean and is so easy to empty that we are happy as well as the cats always having someplace clean to use.

    We are able to use paper to line the tray since the 7 minute timer allows the clumps to dry out and we use less litter because the device only expels the used clumps. We have one of the newer Litter Robot II models and were happy to see the addition of the perforated step/try that helps save litter. We added a plastic mat on the floor as a “vestibule” to contain any litter that may still be tracked or THROWN out- yes, they get carried with in the scratching…

  • Melanie

    We got our first cat last July and we got tired cleaning the litter box very quickly. We did a research in the internet and found litter robot. we have been recommending it to other cat owners ever since.

  • Matthew

    We really try and focus on the “reuse” aspect of “reduce, reuse, recycle” as much as possible. We maintain a fairly minimalist lifestyle, and so reusing the things we do buy just makes sense for us. With 3 cats, there’s never a lack of need for toys and other things to entertain them. Rather than purchase toys from a store, we find creative ways to turn used household items into hours of fun for our cats. Some of the more popular things we’ve come up with include empty coffee tins with marbles or rocks in them. They roll easily across the floor and make a noise the cats just can’t resist. We’ve also tied shoeleaces to rolled up socks to serve as makeshift mice. With a little creativity and an eye for reusing things, the possibilities are endless!

  • Debra

    We have had our litter robot for 4 or 5 years now, and I have to say that it is the best investment we’ve ever made. It has not only made litter box cleaning easier, it’s helped us be more eco-friendly. We only use World’s Greatest Cat Litter, which is flushable and biodegradable. We also only use green, cruelty free cleaning projects both for ourselves, our home, and our kitties. We only use organic catnip, and recycle lots of socks and other items that can be made into great cat toys.

  • Sarah

    We use organic handmade soaps for dogs and cats when we give our pets baths. It’s good for the environment and also great for our pets. No chemicals!

  • Annette Herz

    Our 4 cats use litter made from pine shavings – natural and biodegradable. We use organic food – if possible from humanely raised animals. We steer away from plastic/fur toys (unless sturdy enough for longtime use) and re-use toilet paper rolls, paper bags and cartons as wonderful cat toys.
    we have been told out WBCL litter works wonderfully in your litter robot and would *LOVE* to win one :)

  • Annette Herz

    ** DO NOT FLUSH your litter !! **
    Cats carry toxoplasmosis and if the litter ends up in the oceans then otters can get the for them debilitating disease.
    It’s illegal in California to flush the litter – please dont if you are not sure that your flush doesnt end up in the ocean.
    Thanks !

  • Mark Schroeder

    ** DO NOT FLUSH your litter !! **
    Cats carry toxoplasmosis and if the litter ends up in the oceans then otters can get the for them debilitating disease.
    It’s illegal in California to flush the litter – please dont if you are not sure that your flush doesnt end up in the ocean.
    Thanks !

  • Mary DeBorde

    We have repurposed an outdated end table into a safe, fun cat-tree for our sweet kitties! And we are growing our own catnip which they love fresh from the plant, and no longer buying wasteful plastic junk toys for them but we fashion clean, old socks stuffed with bells and catnip into fun toys for them, and have learned to make adorable kitty beds from sturdy re-used boxes with allergen pillows! It’s amazing how much fun you can have recycling everyday items and the uses you can put them to! (my bf also made the most amazing bat-house for his daughter’s bats, too!)

  • Carol G

    Right now I have 3 cats, and having something like this would be great. This is the first time (aside from the recent mention on that I have seen it. As far as going green is concerned, several people have mentioned spaying/neutering as important already. I try to buy supplies in large bulk quantities, but have only a limited amount of storage space. I really wish that more of the litter manufacturers would package their product in biodegradable containers, although they are getting better.

  • m@

    My household takes great pride in being extremely conscientious about recycling, and we let little go to waste.

    Even our youngest dog, the pup, does her part by cleaning up any stray piles of poop she encounters outside.

    I could go on and on…

  • Tanya

    Thanks for this giveaway!

    We have two cats. We had been throwing away and buying huge amounts of litter until we got a Litter Robot – we now go through a fraction of the litter we used to. We also buy litter in bulk, refilling our container at the pet store with generic litter, rather than buying bags or cartons of litter and having to dispose of packaging. In addition, we recycle household items for cat toys, such as milk caps and moving boxes, rather than purchasing any toys. We grow our own cat grass (again reducing packaging and plastic disposal), and we use natural cleaning solutions to clean the litter box, toys, and house.

  • MinhChau Nguyen

    We’ve had our Litter Robot for a year and it’s made a huge difference in a household of three cats. Gone are the days of lugging 20 pound boxes of clay litter up three flights of stairs, digging through dusty boxes, and filling up stinky and impossibly heavy bags of soiled litter everyday. Not only is the Litter Robot incredibly convenient because I never have to touch the litter, it’s also substantially reduced the amount of litter we use and waste. I heard World’s Best Litter (an eco friendly, flushable corn litter) was the best litter to use with the Litter Robot, so I bought that when we got the Litter Robot and I’ve been very happy. Odor control is fantastic. The only thing you can smell in our laundry room is fresh laundry! Also, it seems we only use a 10 pound bag of litter a month, even with three cats (not counting the litter already in the box to fill it up to level).

    We line the Litter Robot with green trash bags, and clean it with green chlorine free bleach about once a month. Our cats are happy with a litter box that is kept squeaky clean, and we’re happy with not having to deal with the nasty business of a traditional litter box everyday.

  • Michael Kuntz

    I recently started using “World’s Best Cat Litter” which is all natural and does not harm the environment. It is made out of corn and works pretty well. It is truly flushable and septic-safe. Plus, it’s biodegradable!

    Although we have taken this big step in helping the environment, I still have to manually scoop the litter which can be a pain. I would LOVE to win the Litter-Robot so that my cats could enjoy a litter box that is far superior to anything else they’ve ever experienced. I hope we win.. the kitties have their claws crossed for good luck!

  • Vicki Andrew

    what a great idea, I have rescue cats and having a self cleaning litter box really helps out. I also use a natural organic cleaner to clean around the litter box, I don’t want my cats exposed to chemicals

  • Mickie

    We try to recycle and freecycle when ever possible. We take items that other people cannot use anymore and use them and we also offer items that we don’t use anymore. Cat litter tubs are recycled for storage containers. Mom wants to find a way to use less litter so she would really appreciate a Litter Robot. Mom also dreams of potty training the cats but…. you know how that is.

  • Kelly

    How we reduce our environmental impact as a pet-friendly family…hmmm…I’m not sure we do it intentionally, with that goal in mind, but here is what we do:

    *Spay and neuter all pets!
    *Use Litter Robot so that we use less litter
    *Free-cycled our old Litter Robot
    *Buy litter and food in bulk
    *Re-purpose litter containers

    and my favorite….the cardboard pieces that came inside the LR2 box about 2 years ago is still one of my daughters’ favorite toys. They put the two pieces together in many different combinations to make forts, houses, etc… The fold up flat and slide under the bed so they have lasted much longer than a traditional “box”.


  • Donna M. Lenz

    We would be thrilled to win a Litter Robot!

    We’re home to 5 cats, 2 dogs, 4 guinea pigs, 1 rat and 2 prairie dogs.

    We recycle our rodent bedding/hay as mulch piles in the woods in the yard. We use World’s Best Cat Litter, along with ProPet Recycled Wood Litter.

    We recycle our cans, plastic bottles and plastic bags.

    We recycle our cut branches and trees by making habitats in the woods for the wildlife.

    I make cat/dog beds which I sell to pay for my foster cats major medical needs. All beds ship in recycled boxes.

    This is an incredible way to celebrate Earth Day!

    Paws Up to you!

  • Judy E Hewitt

    My cat has had his Litter Robot for about a year now and has no problems using it. It uses much less litter and is so much easier to keep clean. My cat’s contribution toward going green is using less litter and he really enjoys his freshly grown catnip kept at the back door so he gets his share daily. He eats and rolls in it. I use bags in the disposal collection tray made of recycled material. Since the Litter Robot has done away with much of the cat box odor all those sprays I used to use to get rid of the smell are no longer needed. Litter Robot is the best!!

  • Noelle

    We try to reduce, reuse and recycle every thing from paper bags to eye glasses and cell phones. We compost, grow cat grass and vegetables. Pet food and supplies are purchased in bulk whenever possible. Creative pet toys are made from cardboard boxes, shoe laces and anything safe that the cats show an interest in. Old pillows, blankets, quilts, towels and linens have become cat and dog beds. All 17 kitties(mostly homeless rescues) are spayed/neutered to prevent contributions to pet overpopulation. A Litter-Robot would be much appreciated and another way to reduce our enviromental footprint.

  • Polly Rowan

    I buy bulk or bag cat food and use the same plastic jug over and over to store the food. We have been using the same kitty litter bucket for 8 years and refilling it.

    I’ve been fretting a bit that my garbage can has been emptied by recycling except for the cats’ litter. I was excited to see the comments about environmentally friendly litter options. I plan a trip to buy some this weekend.

  • Sarah Kachele

    My husband, cats and I became more of a “green” family in our efforts to reduce our monthly costs when we moved into our first real house, a 1901 Victorian (we lived in condos before). Within our first few weeks in the house we bought a litter robot, switched the cat’s food, started composting, switched to a heat pump for the house heating, started creating weekly menus, etc.

    For months I had been growing increasingly weary of hand scooping our 3 cat litter box daily in an effort to keep Kitty (yes one of our cats real names) from peeing outside of the box due to unsatisfactory box conditions. I started researching different litter box options and was interested in Litter Robots claims that they could reduce litter waste and cost. After all my searching I decided on the Litter Robot, I liked the warranty, and that the cats would always have a clean litter box. We bought a refurbished model and had it shipped to our house. This was the beginning of our going green; we were saving money and reducing our waste. And Litter Robot DID save us litter, in fact one 30 lb tub of litter was now lasting us 2 months instead of 1, and Kitty was not dubbing the litter box unsatisfactory any longer.

    Now that we were creating less waste we didn’t need to empty our garbage nearly as often. We also noticed that we were throwing away a lot of food and food wrapping as the used litter bags were not filling up our garbage as fast any more. To combat this waste we decided to start composting the leftover food, buying less with wrapping, and buying less extra in general as we were starting to buy only what we needed with our adoption of a weekly menu. We now had a garden, so some compost would probably be a good idea to put down to enrich the soil (I would like to grow our own food). With less food wrapping, less food and less litter waste in the garbage, we were not creating nearly enough waste to necessitate weekly garbage pick up, so we switched our garbage pick up date to once a month.

    We have found that once the “green ball” gets rolling it is easy to keep going. We save energy with our heat pump installation, and have the added bonus of air conditioning at less cost than just using our gas furnace. The cats have been switched to a more nutritionally balanced food (no grains and more meat they are carnivores) so they consume less and have less waste. Everyone likes fresh water so what the cats don’t consume every day goes to the house plants. Now, I find that I am constantly looking for different ways to reduce our waste or conserve our financial and natural resources. I would attribute a lot of our “greenness” to Litter Robot as they opened our eyes to less is more.

  • Cathy Campbell

    I love my Litter Robot and always recommend it to people that have cats. Our way to go green–Rather than use plastic bags in the drawer and throw out daily, I got a small litter box (1/2 size) and placed it in the drawer of the bottom of the litter robot. When it needs to be emptied I empty the 1/2 size litter box, scrape it out with the scooper and put the litter box back in the Litter Robot drawer. I have a large plastic bag in a diaper pail in the garage to contain the smell and have about 1 plastic bagful in 2 weeks and can’t smell it because of the diaper pail. We just lost one of our cats and now have only 2 inside.

  • Lisa and David

    My husband and I share our home with eleven cats! All have adopted us by coming to us hungry, thin, and in need of loving care. We have reduced our impact on the earth by spaying and neutering all of our kitties. (We’ve even spayed two of our neighbors cats!) We think it’s important to not only take care of our kitties, but our planet as well. We recycle cans, buy in bulk, use earth-friendly cleaning products, and reuse litter containers for storing bird food. We also contribute monetarily to our local animal shelter, as well as donating old towels, kitty beds, food, and cleaning supplies. We do what we can to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ on this earth and hope others are inspired to do the same!

  • Autumn Robbins

    Let me said this, I love my cats. They are like my children. There are days where I’m mad for something they did like, rip my binds down or playing plastic ball in the house and then are days they are wonderful, sometimes we can watch T.V. and play without anything getting broken or someone not playing fair.
    When it come to the “kitty toilet” they are great bathroom matters. They take turns and even buried the poo deep at the bottom so no has to see it.
    Recently I have been using shredded paper for litter. I use it when it is transition for new litter. I helps because the paper gets recycled and I can control the smell of litter box effectively. They seem to love it. It also helps when my cats get a tummy ache from eating too fast.I dumped the paper, add new paper. To control the smell I use a baking powder solution to keep the smell under control. My cats seem to like the paper litter a lot. They play it and the paper sticks to the poo. So there’s no poo chunks sticking to the bottom of the litter box. LOL.

  • Cara

    Litter Robot is the best litter box in the UNIVERSE. Not only is it efficient, it is GREEN!!!!!! As a young person, I am very much aware that we must do all we can to keep our environment and planet safe and sustainable. I am so proud of your company that you are taking our stewardship of this earth seriously! Recycling plastic in the manufacture of your product is wonderful, as well as the performance of the litter robot. It conserves litter and allows us to use environmentally safe products such as corn and paper litter. The filter keeps the room smelling good, making the use and purchase of artificial scents unnecessary. Thank you so much for all of your efforts on behalf of reducing our carbon footprints on this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I use environmentally friendly litter (my preference is Nature’s Miracle) so that it will decompose, and of course using the litter robot reduces the amount of litter used as well. I also compost (and wish I could compost the used litter, but sadly that isn’t recommended), recycle, etc.

  • http://catster amber wentz

    My kitties are all spayed and neutered, and I volunteer for a non-profit that offers low cost spay and neuter for kitties, bunnies, and other small pets. There just aren’t enough homes to go around, which is an environmental problem in itself. Kitties are great, and deserve to be treated like treasures, and overpopulation keeps that from happening. It is a small world with only so much of everything to go around, and endless population growth is a dead end, for any species. I hope more people respect cats enough to have them spayed and neutered, and to make adoption of any living creature the first choice for increasing their families.
    I make cat collars out of vintage cotton fabric that would otherwise go to the landfill. It is lots of fun finding them at estate sales and such.
    My kitties use biodegradable kitty litter, and after scooping the boxes I bury the waste in the yard. It goes away really fast.
    I try to avoid buying most plastic products for the cats or for the house, and to buy things out of recycled plastic when plastic is a must have.
    If people demand more recycled plastic products, good companies will provide them, and companies who don’t will lose bussiness. I hope more people will support recycling plastic by demanding it.

  • Lorena

    My cats thinks that are really friendly enviromment. They are trying to help peeing in the coach, the carpets, etc, that means that don’t use really much “litter products”. But I’m trying to explain them that this solution is wrong, because in the opposite way I have to use more cleaning products, that are worst.
    Maybe using the Litter-Robot we find a solution to make happy all of us (the cats and me).[img][/img]

    (one of the cats thinking “This is not a good place”)

  • Kristin Loy

    I love my litter robot! I have 4 cats, and they took to it right away. Thanks so much for making a wonderfully reliable product.

    Our family tries to help the earth by using bio-degradable litter from Arm and Hammer. We use bags from Earth Fair that are bio-degradable as well. We use reusable bags for groceries and shopping. Old plastic litter containers have been repurchased for other things like keeping kitty food fresh, storing towels and sewing supplies.

  • Estelle Steenbergen

    We use biodegradable litter at our house. It took a while to find the right litter because our kitty is very picky, but it was worth it.
    We also make our own pet toys at home. Just last month my husband made a new scratching post from an old wooden table that had really thick wooden legs. He covered a leg with some extra carpet pieces we had just sitting around. He did some sanding and added some extra finishing touches and it was done. It looks really nice and the kitty loves it.

  • Tascha Katz

    written to compete for the free ECO Friendly Litter-Robot

    Earth Day is Everyday at the Katz (Cats) House

    We have the name (Katz) and the animals! Having 9 cats we must be Eco conscious so that we can be better world citizens and help out environment as much as possible. All of our cats are local rescue kitties, so we have tried to help take as many cats off the local streets as possible. Of course they are inside only cats and have all be spayed or neutered and now have good lives! We have reduced the amount of litter produced by using the world famous litter robot, who now also manufactures a litter-robot made from 100% recycled product! There is basically no extra litter waste and the globe which holds the litter rarely has to be changed and/or cleaned therefore saving water! The litter robot consistently each and every rotation gets all the contaminated litter out of the globe and into the underneath tray. We have also found that the little bit of waste litter has other uses. For those who have problems with deer eating flowers and landscaping, the litter can be used in garden beds. It can be slightly buried so it is not smelly or visible however the deer will smell it and it helps act as a repellent so the deer will not eat the landscaping! The litter is also an excellent fertilizer! When we do clean out our litter robot we use the water from our home dehumidifiers which is clean and from the air in our home. When we are not using the water for cleaning, we use it to water our plants! We also recycle any plastic containers in which we purchase litter! We actually have more recycled waste than regular and feel everyone can do this also! Our conservation continues when we clean our kitties water bowls. Having 9 cats, we have a few water bowls and instead of pouring it down the drain, when we give the cats clean water, we use it to water any home plants that need watering! For us humans we use the island rule for our water conservation, if it is yellow, let it mellow, if it is brown, flush it down! We have cut our home water bill in half using this simple principle. The Southeast has suffered major drought in the past few years and we feel this simple principle could save millions of gallons of water if more people abided by this simple rule! We also installed a tankless water heater and it cut our gas bill in half. We will have not only saved energy but paid for the tankless water heater in as little as 3 years! Additional items we have performed is doubling the attic insulation, replaced our home windows with e coated double pane windows and added a programmable thermostat! All of these improvements will pay for themselves by the energy savings and tax credits! We can all do our part to conserve our natural resources and energy required to live by using some simple steps and only changing a couple of wasteful habits! In our home the CATS may rule the roost but it also stands for CONSERVING ANYTHING THATS SIMPLE!
    Tascha Katz

  • Elsie Ens

    My daughter has told me that if I feed a stray I need to be responsible for making sure it’s spayed or neutered since the last cat I was feeding would go 2 doors up to her house and have kittens. That cat and one kitten now resides in her house. I didn’t feed the recent neighborhood cat until after she “slimmed” down and my daughter was going to try to catch her after we gave her time to wean her babies. My daughter has again found 4 kittens in her back yard (presumably the same neighborhood cat I began feeding because a week before the kittens appeared she disappeared). She is trying to get me to take the last one–the runt. We will see if I win the Litter Robot.

  • Ralph Campbell

    My wife and I have a “fund” set up at the local humane society’s spay/neuter clinic to help anyone in our community to spay and neuter their pet. We had a tremendous amount of strays and ferals at one time and we have worked to cut down on the overpopulation in our area.

    We also reuse the plastic bags and use the big dog/cat food bags to throw out our cat litter since it contains the smell. We also put that large food bag in a diapergenie to keep the smell contained.

    We enjoy your product very much!

    Thank you for the opportunity to do this!

    (I posted this comment on 5/28 but I posted it to the wrong comment section and want to make sure that I have the opportunity to win another Litter Robot!)

  • Renee C.

    Right now we need help, three cats and a regular litter box means cleaning it out twice a day. We do everything from recycling to reusing cardboard boxes as toys for the cats but this sounds AMAZING. Would love to win.

  • Christine R.

    One of the things we do is use All-Natural kitty litter.

  • Natalie Kistner

    I recently added a kitty to my family (myself and two rescue dogs) and am definitely aware of the impact the four of us have on the environment. I have used corn-based litter for my kitty, which doesn’t have the same chemicals and additives of the standard litters. I also recycle grocery bags to empty the litter box (and pick up after my two dogs). This is a fantastic product and I would love to win!

  • Katie

    One of the ways we “recycle” in regard to our pets is by adopting shelter or rescue pets that others have discarded. We especially look for abandoned senior cats. Many people pass them by, but senior cats make wonderful pets! We have adopted an elderly Persian and another elderly Himalayan cat. Our only younger cat is a Turkish Angora who had been rescued from a hoarder.

    When we go out to buy cat supplies we decline the usual plastic bags, instead using our own reusable grovery bags. Our reusuable bags were made from recycled plastic bottles. We buy flushable kitty litter and add only a few inches of litter per box. (Many people use far too much litter! Only a couple inches is needed.) We scoop often throughout the day to make sure the litter lasts longer between changes.

    Since we do adopt senior and special-needs cats, they do sometimes “miss” the box. When this happens we use only natural enzyme cleaners rather than any chemicals. This is safer both for the environment and our cats. We keep the litter boxes deodorized by adding plain baking soda and mixing it well with the litter. This works so very well that there’s no need to buy potentially-irritating chemical litter deodorizers.

    We also buy cat food packed in recyclable containers, and when changing our pets’ water bowls we use the old water for watering house plants.

  • Katherine Frazier

    I will admit me and my cats have not gone green yet, but reading these comments have given me some great ideas to put to use.

  • Auriette

    We have been recycling the food cans for years. We also use green cleaners, for the environment and for the health of our cats.

  • Pamela S.

    I think it’s important use a litter that is biodegradable or made of recycled paper products. The thing I found most interesting though is that they pointed out not only the importance of the litter, but the importance of the litter box itself. By buying a quality product that will last a long time, you not adding to landfills with many cheaper, or more poorly made boxes you frequently have to replace. I’d never thought about that before. Thanks.

  • Corrie Rowe

    We have 5, yes 5, cats that we have rescued over the years. We have used various litters. Our favorite is the pine litter that can be used in our gardens as mulch. I am ashamed to think of all of the clay litter in the local landfill that is there because of my brood before I knew better.

  • Monica

    I just bought new cat litter today for my litter robot – The World’s Best Cat Litter. I am eager to see how well it works. I have been wanting to switch to this litter for a while now because it biodegradable as it is made from corn. Plus it is supposed to be low-tracking and safe for cats should they injest it while cleaning themselves.

  • elizabeth p

    This year we have our own small garden with a space for catnip. Sheba is the queen of the nip space. We would love this for her.

  • trish

    I tried going green by buying litter made from recycled newspaper. Unfortunately, my cats hated it and would not use it. I do use natural products (vinegar) when I clean the box.

  • Melissa O.

    We have 3 kitties and use the recycled litter. I always try to keep the litter clean without obsessively cleaning and wasting litter. We use reusable totes when we walk to the store around the corner for our cat food too! I make myself carry the heavy bags home and it saves the environment and makes me buff in the process! lol.
    I wish there was a “green” cat food that I could buy at the grocery store near my house but there isn’t. I also make sure to recycle my love for my cats. It’s reusable and it is pollutant free!

  • Susan K

    Since we found out my daughter is allergic to almost everything including her cat I have been changing the litter box. This looks like a wonderful gift for me

  • Vicki Andrew

    I buy natural and organic and am going to try making some catfood. We support free tradee companies. We use green cleaners, for the environment and for the health of our cats. We recycle and reuse and use freecycle to give and get reusable items. I have a small patio garden with herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and lettaces ( and of course some catnip) And today I got a small compost bin.

  • andrea estes

    My 2 cats and 1 dog are all rescue animals. I now buy my dog and cat food in the largest bag size I can get. I hope this cuts down on product packaging.I am currently researching the vast cat litter waste issue. That is how I found this site! Lastly, since I got my dog I walk ALOT more and more places we need to go. My husband will wait outside and I’ll do the shopping! It brings us all together. We also go to the local farmers market!

  • Dana

    We scoop our litter daily, so that it will last longer.

  • Jennifer H

    My cats and I have been using all natural cat litter to try and help with the environment. It is difficult to think of ways to go green with your pets, so I am sure that there are many other ways as well.

    One very important thing that I do, is I have all my pets spayed or neutered. That keeps the planet green by keeping unwanted pets from being in the world. It is a simple step that all pet owners should be doing.

  • Merribeth Pentasuglia

    Zinkat and I try to be as environmentally conscious as we can be. Zin only eats organic grain-free cat foods. I scoop her litter-box often, to conserve litter. We use vinegar and baking soda to clean her litter-box. She does use litter made from recycled papers.

    The home we live in has all unnecessary electrical appliances unplugged from outlets, water is not allowed to run unnecessarily, and all light bulbs are energy efficient. We limit chemicals as much as possible and use pyrex instead of plastic for food storage.

    We live in the inner city, but grow tomatoes and strawberries in addition to a variety of herbs and plants for our use. We also have plants such as the spider plant to help clean our air.

  • Rebecca Moore

    I have been trying more eco friendly litter lately, but haven’t found any the cats particulary like.

  • kathy pease

    wow that looks great right now im using regular cat litter and it really doesnt seem to environmentally friendly.i usually dump the box in the same spot in my yard but i dont think that can be good because now i have a big clay pile..i need to stop that :(

  • David Botts

    I am writing in regards to the “Litter-Robot Celebrates Earth Day” article on your website and the Litter-Robot give away. First and foremoste, the way my two flamepoint siamese cats, Butch Cassidy and Colonel Mustard, and I have attempted to reduce environmental impact was by my adopting both cats (brothers) from a rescue agency. By doing this I am helping to eliminate the need for breeders and the pet stores that support them. By supporting animal shelters and resuce agencies, we help to reduce the amount of unwanted cats and unneccesary reproduction.

    One method of recycling with my cats is to dispose of all their waste in plastic bags I have saved from shopping trips. This allows me to “reuse” and “reduce” landfill waste.

  • Helen

    We purchase the newspaper litter, Max likes the natural sunlight so we turn off all lights until the sun goes down and fill the house with natural light.

  • Isiah Butler

    i wanna win. i hope this is how u enter

  • Arielle

    My cats, Tatches, Madball, and Angus love homemade cat toys. I just take scraps of fabric (from cutting things short, old curtains, etc) and fills them with catnip. Honestly, they seem to use the homemade ugly toys more then the store bought ones (probably because the smell like me) so not only is it good for the environment but it’s thrifty too!

  • Gina

    We have 1 year old Teddy Wentworth and 7 week old Poppet (middle name TBD at a later date!). Both cats came from individuals who has an abundance of kitties and could not care for all of them. They’re inside cats, but in order to save litter (and stench since it’s a normal litter box!) I take them outside some in the evenings and let them use the restroom in the yard while they play.

    Going outside is a joy for all of us because it saves me time cleaning the litter box and the kitties get to play together in the grass!

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