Litter-Robot selected as Best High-Tech Robotic Cat Litter Box

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We’re proud to be selected the best Robotic litter box. We work  hard to make the best product available and we’re proud of our assembly team in Juneau,Wisconsin, USA. It’s always great to be recognized by an outside party that sorts through all the options and helps consumers find the very best products available.

Winner of: Best High-Tech Robotic Cat Litter Box


  • http://none Owen Jones

    How much does Litter-box Robot cost?

    • Brad

      329 for our standard unit and 349 for the bubble unit. Shipping is Free to your doorstep.

  • Sarah-Jane Kitty

    Congratulations on your award. I know my cat loves her automatic litter box and it did not take me long to get her used to it.

  • R. Richards

    Automatic litter boxes rock! And the Litter Robot is by far the best one on the market. My kitties have tried a few others and they expressed to me that they were not to their liking. But then Daddy went and bought them a Litter Robot, and let me tell you, those little kitties were pleased as punch!

    Thanks Litter Robot for making my life and my kitties lives a whole lot easier…

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