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We bought our first litter robot in 2004 for our 2 ragdoll kittens. Both took to it right away, we got a good 5 years out of it even through a basement flooding 🙂 It finally died after the second flooding 🙁 We tried a normal litter box in the meantime, and I recalled how much I hated scooping litter. I finally ordered a new litter robot last week. It came today, and I put it together in the living room. I sat on the floor with it for about 20 minutes looking over all the improvements!! Ever one of them made absolute sense based on my experience with the original. The material the new one is made out of is so much lighter. It runs quieter, I can’t believe all of the improvements! The door that slides open as the waste holes get to the bottom, keeps the holes closed so my ragdolls don’t kick litter out, brilliant! The lip extender, to keep misses from running down onto the control panel, and then under the globe. The little holders for the bags, that you just push your finger into. Much better than the metal clips 🙂 The cover on the sensor, keeps it dry and keep litter from getting into it. The little ring of fabric around the base! The on off switch, makes it easier to turn it off and on! Used to have to unplug it, and plug it back in 🙂 Oh, and the globe, so my large kitties have more room! Thank you Litter Robot, for fixing all the little things!! It shows that you guys listen to your customers!


Indianapolis, IN



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Amazing experience with the company!
I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the Litter Robot company, although my cat who had never used a covered litter box, refused to enter the Litter Robot. The Litter-Robot is so much better made than other self-cleaning boxes; the instructions (including how to pack the Robot for return) and related information are very clear
We’ve had the litter-robot several months now and just love it, as does our cat.  It only took him about a day-and-a-half to learn to use it (he was about 7 months old when we got it.)  He’s now a little over a year old and is an indoor-outdoor cat.  He uses the same doogie
Cats Entertainment!
I pressed the on button to demonstrate the unit n my cats’ presence. It entertained them and peaked their curiosity. Then I left them alone. They explored and used the unit. They often wait and watch the unit cycle.They love their two KLR units. Lorann W.
Love your customer service!
We are very happy customers of Litter Robot.  We had some challenges with exchanging globes (one was just too big) and your customer service was prompt, courteous, and extremely helpful.  What a delight! Count us as fans of your company. Thanks, Elaine W. Mountain View, CA.
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I have used the litter robot for over 5 years now and it’s the best 300.00 I ever spent. I’m looking to purchase a new one the next time I see a coupon come out. Vale F.
Very Satisfied – Great Product – Awesome Service
Have owned our Litter-robot for many years now, have had to make a couple adjustments and repairs but overall have been very satisfied. Today experienced a new issue, after hundreds of box empties it seems the sensor foot wires take a pounding...
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