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Meet Cheeto. Send us your most creative caption for this picture for a chance to win a FREE Litter-Robot T-Shirt! Thanks Jenni, for sending us your great photo!



  • Angelique Iuzzolino

    Give me a minute…and get a mop ready.

  • m

    You talkin to me?

  • brian harnish

    I swear I have no idea where the fish is!

  • Carolyn Hager

    Who blew up the catbox? Can you find some spray PLEASE!!!

  • kathy deck

    “What part of SNAX do you not understand? “

  • Kat

    I never drink…wine.

  • Allyson Carter

    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…

  • Michele

    In the best “Rocky ” voice ( cuz his lips is always rolled up ) Adrian….Adrian…..

  • pgoby

    Nancy says: What do you mean you’re out of kibble!!!

  • pgoby

    Thomas Jay says: Edith, I want a beer!

  • Gayle Stubblefield

    Mom, plzzzz replace my old stinky litter box with a nice new litter robot!(in a nice purrrrrfect voice)

  • pgoby

    Carol says: Hack hack hack…I think that last thing I ate was a stinkbug.

  • pgoby

    Melissa says: I-WANT-A-LITTER-ROBOT!!!

  • pgoby

    Karen says: Just call me Elvis, because I’m a hunka hunka burnin’ love!

  • pgoby

    Billie says: Watchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  • pgoby

    Yvonne says: Why I oughta…I refuse to use this sub-par traditional litter box any longer!

  • pgoby

    Chris says: “Here is my best Elvis impersonation…Thank you. Thank you very much.”

  • pgoby

    Rena says: Hey I was winking back at you!!! Pay Attention!!

  • pgoby

    Valerie says: lol;)

  • pgoby

    Rebecca says: Stop taking my picture and feed me!!

  • pgoby

    Maureen says: Fish again???

  • Mike

    Go ahead, make my day.

  • Mary Ann Bder

    And WHERE have you been?

    • pgoby

      Congratulations, MARY ANN! You have been selected as the WINNER of the Best Caption Contest!

  • Diane

    Purr What… I do not snore

  • Kara

    YYEEEAAAAWNNNNN…Now you can pet me.

  • Gaby

    For the 384th time, Cheeto reminds his owner that Litter Robot is as much for HIS convenience as for hers. “It still requires that YOU empty and refill it to remain my favorite human, so don’t get TOO comfortable! And let’s not have this conversation again!”

  • Beth Padgett

    I wantz my treat – and I wantz it NOW!!!!!!!

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