Win a 2011 Litter-Robot Kitty Calendar!

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Congratulations, Edward S, the lucky winner of the 2011 Litter-Robot Kitty Calendar!



  • Jill Weisenfeld

    I would like one because I love my Litter Robot and I have been telling people about how great it is since I first got one about 8 years ago.

  • Anne Fay

    I deserve a Litter Robot Calendar because I couldn’t live without my Litter Robot. Neither could Mao, my cat, especially when I’m on travel as husband doesn’t remember to scoop.

  • Jackson Smith

    Jackson, age 7 would love one because he loves kitties, robots, and our litter robots. He put together the two we have now for our three kitties. 😛

  • Chris Stutters

    We have four cats and they all fight over the Litter Robot we own.

    The first two cats we adopted because they were going to be put to sleep. The third one we found abandoned on the side of the road at two weeks old. And the fourth was in an over crowded shelter and was on her last stint there before going away.

    We have other litter boxes, but they wait in line at times to use the Litter Robot instead.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Happy owners,
    Chris and Carrie

  • Edward Sonnenschein

    I would like to win the calendar so that i can remind myself when it is time to change the bag, seals and filter on my litter robot – a truly great invention. I only wish the clear bubble window had been available when i bought mine. how much nicer it would be, especially since i have larger cats. but just the same it is great. i love it, the cats love it and i hear the whrrr so many times during the day that reminds me of how it was money well spent.

  • Jodi Hanson

    I would love a calendar so I can see all the other cats and kittens in the world that use a litter robot or are fans. Not many people know about it around here. I keep spreading the world. I think it’s a great invention, I’ve read so many reviews. Both my kitten and my 3 year old cat took to it easily. My cat just turned 3 yesterday. I’ve had it for a couple months now and I can’t even express the extent of my gratitude! I’ve heard many complaints about many different types of automated litter boxes and all others have failed! Thank You Litter Robot for inventing a poo bot!

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