So far it’s awesome.

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Patiently Waiting in Line for the Litter Robot

I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the Bubble Unit, my cats are 14.5 and 13lb i was a little worried that they wont fit.  I set it up and took a cold turkey approach. I barely had time to set it up and my male cat went in and blessed it :). My female was a little harder, she was somewhat scared of it a bit, but she did use it when she had to go. no accidents.

The attached picture is the morning of day 2. The male cat is using the box and female is waiting for him to finish. when he was done she went in and used it.
i am still using it in manual mode, since its been only 3 days, but so far its awesome. No smell, my cats using it fine. even when i turn it on to do manual cleaning both the cats are very interested in it and not scared of it.




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Amazing experience with the company!
I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the Litter Robot company, although my cat who had never used a covered litter box, refused to enter the Litter Robot. The Litter-Robot is so much better made than other self-cleaning boxes; the instructions (including how to pack the Robot for return) and related information are very clear
We’ve had the litter-robot several months now and just love it, as does our cat.  It only took him about a day-and-a-half to learn to use it (he was about 7 months old when we got it.)  He’s now a little over a year old and is an indoor-outdoor cat.  He uses the same doogie
Cats Entertainment!
I pressed the on button to demonstrate the unit n my cats’ presence. It entertained them and peaked their curiosity. Then I left them alone. They explored and used the unit. They often wait and watch the unit cycle.They love their two KLR units. Lorann W.
Love your customer service!
We are very happy customers of Litter Robot.  We had some challenges with exchanging globes (one was just too big) and your customer service was prompt, courteous, and extremely helpful.  What a delight! Count us as fans of your company. Thanks, Elaine W. Mountain View, CA.
Best Investment Ever!
I have used the litter robot for over 5 years now and it’s the best 300.00 I ever spent. I’m looking to purchase a new one the next time I see a coupon come out. Vale F.
Very Satisfied – Great Product – Awesome Service
Have owned our Litter-robot for many years now, have had to make a couple adjustments and repairs but overall have been very satisfied. Today experienced a new issue, after hundreds of box empties it seems the sensor foot wires take a pounding...
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