All is great now after help from the great people at Automated Pet Care
I just wanted to drop a line and say that while it took a little while for my 2 cats to begin to use this litter box all is great now after some help from the great people at automated pet care...
This Litter Box Has Paid For Itself
I ordered my Litter-Robot almost 2 years ago and have been incredibly satisfied! We recently became a 2 cat household instead of 1, and moved to a much larger home. I am getting ready to order a second Robot for my increased square footage. While expensive this litter box has paid for itself many times
The Best Litter Box Solution
The Litter-Robot is absolutley the best litter solution EVER. Scooter and I both love it. When I ordered it I was a little concerned as he weighs in between 16-17 pounds & is very tall. It worked beautifully for him. I did get the Bubble unit. He was in it shortly after I set it up, even
A True Investment!
Today I purchased my second Litter Robot. This is hands down the best automated litter box I have ever found. I love it and the cats love it. While it is expensive I look at it as a true investment. They get a clean box all the time and it is easy maintenance for me.
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