A joy for both myself and my cat
I have now owned my Litter Robot for 5 years. Prior to that I had the Litter Maid and they would last at best 1 year. This is a fantastic machine. I travel frequently, and find it to be worry free, easy to clean and a joy for both myself and my cat. Sean Duncan,
That’s what I call standing behind your product and your warranty
I love this thing. My 3 cats have enjoyed the Litter-Robot for almost a year now. One of them will even sit and wait to watch it cycle. Recently it quit working properly, it would only rotate one direction. After trying to...
I love that I don’t have to scoop several times a day
We bought a used Litter-Robot several years ago. It’s the greatest! My cat has used it from the start. Unlike other automatic litter boxes we have used, this one has not given us any problems. And I love that I don’t have...
We highly recommend it for any cat owner!
We just purchased our third Litter-Robot (well four if you count the one we gave our daughter as a Christmas present). We have four cats; one who is a solitary for health reasons. Our oldest Litter-Robot is over four years old and still runs great. The cats all use it with no problems. It makes
No more stinky litter box and disgusting scooper!
We love the Litter-Robot! No more stinky litter box and disgusting scooper! It is worth every penny. My cat used a hooded litter box prior to the Litter-Robot. She had no problem adjusting to the Litter-Robot, she started to use it right away. Thank for making such a great product! Jackie New Britain, CT
I finally got my cat to use the LR
I finally got my cat to use the LR Two years ago I adopted a 5 year old cat(male) who would have no part of the LR which I have had for 6 or 7 years. He also would not use a covered box. I finally put a covered box in the place of the
My family travels a lot for sports- now we come to home to a clean smelling home.
The Litter-Robot is well worth every penny! It’s expensive, but if we had to put a value on our time – it actually saves us money! No longer do we have to ask the kids – did you clean the litter box?...
It’s SO worth the money.
I LOVE my Litter-Robot! It’s so awesome not to have to scoop any more. It’s SO worth the money. And the Customer Service is fantastic — when I had a problem with the circuit board, they immediately shipped me a new one. I can’t recommend the Litter-Robot enough for all cat owners! Amy Oakland, CA
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