I really save on litter and my time!
I had my first Liter Robot for almost 10 years and it really paid for itself many times over! When we moved we decided to get rid of the old one and once settled bought a new one. The new Liter Robot with the improvements in the drawer size are excellent! With only 1 cat,
I bless it every time I walk by!
I purchased my first Litter-Robot at the CFA World Championship Show in Nov. 2012 and I BLESS it every time I walk by it!!!! It does everything our sales person said it would and more! My only regret is that it’s not big enough for our two Maine Coons to use … but everyone else
Cats happy, I’m happy.
Owned for 6 months then bought a 2nd one. It’s been a year now and we have 3 cats. I change once a week. So happy. Cats happy, I’m happy…  I’ve owned auto scooping before but this is by far the best. Angela Denver, CO
Best thing that ever happened to cat and owner.
I have never been so happy to give a testimonial than one for Litter-Robot!    It is the best thing that has ever happened to me!   No scooping;   no litter flying out of the box;  no emptying every day or so.  The tray doesn’t need emptying more than about a week or more.
No sifting litter.
I ordered one of these and found out that it is the greatest litter box available. All you do is fill it with a little kitty litter and once a day (Depending on how many cats use it. I have 6) take out the plastic bag in the drawer and toss it out and replace
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Litter-Robot
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Litter-Robot. I forgot how much I appreciate it until it has been out of commission for the last week. I have 3 cats that have been using it for 6 years. It allows me to go out of town for 3-4 days without being emptied with 3 cats. I think
I am looking at the money I will be saving from throwing cat litter out daily
I’ll be honest, I thought about making this purchase a year ago, but I did not simply because of the cost. Well, after trying every other product on the market (probably spending more money-than the cost of the Litter Robot) I made...
How to Protect Cats from the Outdoors this Spring/Summer
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