I’m sure my girls are much happier with an always clean litter box.
I have 2 cats and a job that requires me to be away for up to 3 days at a time. My husband also works on the road plus I’m pregnant. This litter box is a life saver! I no longer come...
Proud to have it made in the USA!
We got this for our two very skiddish cats, and while it took them some time to get used to it, they finally did! I would clean our old cat box twice a day and it would still smell in our sort-of-small apartment, not any more. Litter Robot is awesome. At first, I found that
My greatest investment so far!
Amazing!!! I have not scooped a litter box in 2 and a half years!! My greatest investment so far!!! I has worked perfectly since the first day!!! Absolutely in Love with my Litter Robot!! Rosa Jacksonville, FL
We’ve got a hear of cats from 6 weeks to two years…
We’ve got a herd of cats from 6 weeks old to two years and this litter box is amazing. Training kittens to use it is pretty easy because they think it’s the best freaking toy in the world. If kept on solid...
I find I’m using less litter…
I’ve been using my Litter-Robot for a year now, with 7 different cats over that period, from oldsters to babies, and they all love it, as do I. I find I’m using less litter, it’s always clean and no scooping! Thank you, Litter-Robot! Dee Phoenix, OR
So far I am ecstatic!
I unpacked my LR2 last night! I was glad to see it had arrived. I have 2 newly adopted 8 month-old boys, as I had lost my 18yo little girl last month, and no sooner than I put in the first littler and ran the homing cycle, Diesel jumped in and christen it. I was
Would not live without one
Well when I first set it up my cats would set it off and then they would, all 3 of them sit and watch it like they were at a drive-in movie……lol So I turned the old box towards the wall so they could not get into that one and force them to get in
Such a time and money saver!
We have had our Litter-Robot with a bubble for 2 years now and love it! 2 of our 3 cats use it without an issue (our female just refuses to go in, but is fine with her litter box right next to it). We only have to change the bag once a week and add
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