I am spoiled.
I have had the Litter-Robot for almost 3 years now and I am spoiled. I am Active Duty Military and there are many earlier mornings and long nights. It is so easy to open up the drawer and remove the bag and replace it with a new one. My house use to smell like cat
Great invention, great product, and awesome customer service!
After trying to toilet train our 2 kittens and failing with the male, we bought the Litter-Robot. We’ve had the same one for 7 years and we love it. Makes parenting 2 cats so great. To clean it we take the dome...
This thing actually runs like it’s supposed to
I wish that I spent the money and got a USA made Litter -Robot instead of wasting all my money on previous automatic litter boxes. The thing actually runs like it’s supposed to and it’s made in the USA. Ziad Boston, MA
We’re all living in paradise!
I have one adventurous cat and one very timid cat and I will say getting the timid cat used to it was a nightmare! We tried everything to get him used to it in the week before we moved but for that week and the first two weeks in our new place he was peeing
Can’t keep her out of it!
Thank you so very much for this product. We love it so much we are shouting it out to the heavens. Amazing product. Even Baby Bleu Ivy loves it so much, I can’t keep her out of the Litter-Robot. Thank you again for a product I wish I knew about sooner. Ms. Black-Walker
No smell, no mess, and that is amazing.
Thank you so much, our cat, Timmy, loves his new litter box and so do his parents! We bought a refurbished model about a month ago he used it right away. We couldn’t be happier with this product. No smell, no mess, and that is amazing. Mahalo. Claudia Lahaina, HI
It’s well worth is and one of the best purchases I ever made!
I love my Litter-Robot! I was debating making the purchase for months now, and finally decided to give it a go. I have two cats, one is 9 and the other is 1. The kitten has had a rough time adjusting to...
I will never go with another litter box as long as I live.
If you are even thinking about buying another litter box for your cat this is the one to buy. I hate cleaning up my cats litter boxes and this Litter-Robot is AMAZING. I have two cats, one small one and one that...
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