Customer service is above and beyond expectations!
Wow! Customer service is above and beyond expectations! I had placed an order for some accessories and had some difficulty in receiving them. I placed a call to CS and they really took care of the problem quickly and efficiently. It’s nice...
You get what you pay for
I have 4 cats. I have been through 3 automatic conveyor type litter boxes and 2 sweep type automatic litter boxes. The last sweep type I bought didn’t even last 24 hours. So I began my quest to find another automatic litter box, and I came across Litter-Robot website. I read everything I could find
We tried the Litter-Robot in a household with 2 cats.
We tried the Litter-Robot out in a household with 2 cats and it worked wonderfully. The biggest change of course is less maintenance. We also noticed how much cleaner it was going from having 2 cat boxes and scooping everyday. Amy Troy, OH
No where else have I found such caring dedicated people.
Life is a Breeze Now!! With four cats carrying the litter then cleaning the boxes was not fun for someone with pain issues. Litter-Robot is worth every penny and more! I’m saving my back and so much money on litter now they’ve...
I would pay the same again for this wonderful machine.
I couldn’t purchase a Litter Robot in Australia but the friendly customer support staff (thank you Shirley!) followed up my request and I was able to purchase through the European arm. It was a rather expensive way to purchase because of the...
This thing has changed our lives!
I have had my Litter-Robot for a year now. I wasn’t sure if my cats would like it, or if would work as advertised. Turns out, this thing has changed our lives! The house doesn’t smell like cat anymore, and we don’t have to worry about the litter box when we go out of town
Nothing compared to the Litter-Robot for my Cattery
I have a RagaMuffin Cattery just north of Houston Texas and have many “Muffins”. The Litter-Robot is the best purchase I have every made! I looked at all the other auto-clean litter boxes and nothing compared to the Litter-Robot. I love it…it...
Keeps my dogs from snooping for “snacks”.
I have had the Litter-Robot for several years. All my cats have taken to it without a problem. It reduces smell and keeps my dogs from snooping for ‘snacks’. Well worth the money, I would never go back to the old fashioned...
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