Kittens took to it the first day.
Money well spent. Works great. Kittens took to it the first day. No problems at all. With two kittens we empty every two or three days. Joann
We have 2 in our home for our 4 cats.
I have had my Litter-Robot for almost 2 months and it has been by far the best investment for my household. It has taken the added chore of litter box cleaning away. We now have 2 in our home for our 4 cats. All have transitioned great, even our oldest cats. Christianne
I have been trying to get away from the litter box experience for years
I have been trying to get away from the whole litter box experience for years. I have tried the manual rolling litter box, scented litter, flushable litter, I even tried to potty train my cats. I always had to have a covered...
I have 20 cats.
I purchased a reconditioned Litter-Robot. It has the same warranty as a new unit. I have 20 cats. I do TNR and foster and rescue, so I will be buying another one or two units. They are amazing! With all these cats you can imagine how many times a day I used to have to
Cleaning 3 litter pans was not only a chore but detrimental to my asthma
I have had the Litter Robot for a couple of months now and it is the BEST PRESENT I have ever given myself. I have three cats and I have asthma. Cleaning three litter pans everyday was not only a chore but...
I noticed a vast improvement in the smell
I have one, 12 year old cat who weighs about 13 pounds. She has used another automatic raking product in the past (about 5 years ago). Most recently she’s been using a tall, enter from the top litter box, so she is used to enclosed space boxes. She has only used Litter Robot for three
To not have to deal with those flimsy waste bins anymore is priceless.
This is the best cat litter box ever! I was a little reluctant when I saw the price, but I was so unhappy with the litter maid elite box jamming up on me every day I decided it was worth the shipping...
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