I know my cat likes having clean litter
I loved my cats but the litter box in the house was the hold up to permit myself to have an indoor cat. I simply hated changing the litter box. I used so much litter and now I can’t tell you how pleasant it is to know that the box is always fresh with new
Ages 13, 5 and 1 all use it regularly.
We have had our Litter-Robot now for over 6 months and are very happy with it. We have affectionately named it the “Turd Circler.” It is important to check it frequently until you have a good feel for how many days you can go without dumping the tray. When it over-fills, it can be a
I love the convenience
When I purchased the Litter-Robot for my 16 and 14 year old cats, I was not sure they would use it. I was wrong. I followed the steps Litter-Robot recommended and they had no problem. I have another litter box in the house, but they both will go all the way upstairs to the Litter-Robot
I’m a disabled veteran with spinal cord damage…
A MUST FOR YOU AND YOUR CAT. I’m a disabled veteran with spinal cord damage, so anything to do the work for me and then just open the drawer and pull out the bag is great for me. And as far as Bengal...
Best spent $$$$ for 2013!!
This is by far the most wonderful product i have ever purchased for a pet!!!  Operation and maintenance is superb and efficient. Best spent $$$$ for 2013!!  Thank you to the designers for a brilliant idea!! Patricia
Already paid for itself just from the money I save on litter
I purchased a refurbished unit in October 2012 and am very happy with it. Although the initial cost outlay was steep, the unit has already paid for itself just from the money I save on litter purchases. It is also a huge...
My experience has been superior
I considered purchasing Litter-Robot for about a year but because of the price, I purchased a couple of cheaper solutions including the toilet top litter box. What a hassle and my cat never was interested. So, finally when I knew were were about to purchase a puppy (a duck hunting Labrador) I knew I would
100 % Happy!
At first, I was very skeptical about spending so much money on a litter apparatus, but once I received the Litter-Robot, my cat took to it right away. Milton was only 8 weeks old, so in the beginning the weight sensors didn’t work for him. I started the revolution of the Litter-Robot manually. Once Milton
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