As a veterinarian, I recommend Litter-Robot
LOVE my Litter-Robot. I have 2 larger cats that were a little skeptical about using it at first, but now they will not use a regular litter box. As a veterinarian, clients ask me constantly for recommendations on an automatic litter box, and they all receive the same advice from me: Buy the Litter-Robot. It’s
Have 3 cheaper brands break in less than a year…
I got the Litter-Robot Bubble Unit and Lip Extender and Ramp. I think this was the best $428.99 I had spent on the cats. I was hesitant buying this when looking at the price but have 3 cheaper brands break in less...
I forgot I have a litter box!!
Years ago, I looked at Litter-Robot and thought “who are these people that spend this type of money on a litter box ??!!” Well, after repeatedly being disappointed by my automated litter box I went back and read reviews on the Litter-Robot. I couldn’t find a single negative review so decided to give it a
It simply works!
Bought the Litter-Robot 5 years ago and love it. I have bought every automated cat litter system on the market. I want the bigger one as I now have a bigger cat. It simply works! Bob Dartmouth, NS
I have 5 special babies…
I have 5 Cats (Lilly- I’m a boy. What was my Mom thinking?? CC – I’m a rescue cat-found on the side of the road as a baby. Kali -also found on the side of the road as a baby but I’m not a lovable cat unless you have a treat. Andi- Mom bought me so
Thanks Litter-Robot!
The Litter-Robot is the best thing to happen to my cats and me! It works amazing, is easy to use, and I couldn’t tell you how much better my life is not having to scoop a litter box OR smell it every day! I only wish the globes were bigger so that larger cats would
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