Actual litter usage reduced 50-70%
I normally never write testimonials. In fact, this may be my first as far as I can remember. My wife and I had been using the normal electronic auto cat litters which use the disposable plastic trays.  At a cost of about $150+, we seemed to need a new one every few years.  The motors
Grandkittens took to it right away!
A definite must have for cat owners!!! My grandkitten took to the Litter-Robot right away. I purchased for a second party and had some questions. Even though my Litter-Robot was not purchased directly from the company I was very pleased with the warm welcome I received when I called the company with concerns. Please thank
No more cat pee on my floors!
THANK GOD FOR Litter-Robot!! As a busy single mom, I could not deal with the dominant of my two female cats peeing on my hardwood floors upstairs, every time she felt her shared litter box was too dirty. Before getting rid of her (!!!) I wanted to try LR–to HELP save me time cleaning the
I was amazed at the engineering…
I had been a Littermaid user for more years (more than a decade) than I’d like to admit. The Litter-Robot is everything the Littermaid is not; easy to maintain, quiet, less litter waste, worry free, and less cost to maintain. Even though the Litter-Robot was twice the cost of the Littermaid it is worth more
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