Pro User Donna
We have 2 Litter-Robots and their decorative covers. We have a feral kitten that we took in at 5 1/2 months that uses both Litter-Robots (and  we have one on each floor.) To help hide the boxes, we have the decorative wooden covers to match our decor and it makes them look like furniture! The
It keeps up with our 11 cats!
Our Litter-Robot is amazing. It only took a few days for our cats to get used to and they like to watch it spin around. It easily keeps up with our 11 cats, yes 11 cats. The only downside is that the hole is too small for our big cat to feel comfortable going in.
Never had any trouble getting any cats to use it…
I only have the Litter-Robot going on 4 years. I feel it has been worth the cost many times over. Up until just a few months ago it was used by my 3 cats. My oldest cat had cancer and so I...
Pro User Jessica
I purchased my Litter-Robot in late 2010. Other litter boxes were messy and high maintenance and not large enough for my male, 17 lb, ragdoll cat. I had read bad reviews on some of the other comparable, high end boxes while the ones on litter robot were great. Well it’s mid 2014 and I love
Pro User Jan – Biskit & Noodle
Since 2009, my Litter-Robot has kept my home clean and fresh-smelling. It has provided a private space for Biskit to conduct “business”. Four days ago, I rescued Noodle from a local shelter. Two days ago, he met Biskit by surprise and promptly hopped into the Litter-Robot for refuge. When the coast was clear, he stepped
Pro User Marty
At first we thought we might have to return our unit as nothing suggested could get either cat to use it. We finally took the globe of the base and sat it against the wall then took a rolled up towel and wedged it around the bottom to stabilize the globe. Then after placing some
Pro User Dee
My daughter gave us the Littler-Robot as a gift. She said she was so impress with her first one she had to have a second one and felt it would solve my problems. We had 4 cats. I have 4 litter boxes. Two of the cats would not use any of the litter boxes. I
Pro User Lanita – 14 years
We have used Litter-Robots for years, since they first came to market.  We still own the original model.  Yes, it still works and yes, all our cats use them.  We never have to scoop litter and our cats never have to dig in litter with waste in it.  I think always having “purrfectly” clean litter keeps
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