Advantages Of An Automatic Litter Box
Although there are quite a few different automatic self-cleaning litter boxes currently on the market, the one on which we would prefer to focus, and specifically on its great many advantages, is our very own Litter Robot. We could go on and on explaining the ins and outs of every facet of this incredible device,
All four cats, even the old ones, used immediately.
We have had these for years. With four cats, a Litter-Robot is a life saver. At one point we had one on each floor of the house. But even with four cats, you only need one Litter-Robot and that’s what we’re back...
Automated Pet Care Products STANDS BEHIND their product…
The Litter-Robot is fabulous & so is the company. Based on reviews I read, I decided to buy directly from the company vs a third party company and I am glad I did. Automated Pet Care Products STANDS BEHIND their product and...
Sprinkle a little baking soda…
Has been a little over a month since getting both cats to use the Litter Robot. Definitely uses less litter than the Litter Maid it replaced. May even use less than hand scooping. We’ve found that the Litter-Robot controls odors on it’s own fairly well, but have found if you sprinkle a table spoon or
Pro User Roman
This product is amazing. We bought it back in 2007 and it has been chugging along fine ever since. Unfortunately I got the motor wet and it’s been a little wonky ever since. However, since this product is so great, we just bought another one. The cats love it and took no time to get
Pro User Sandy
I decided to try the Litter-Robot after going through 3 Littermaid units. I’m so glad I made the switch! I do not have to mess with lids getting stuck in the up position or clean the grate. I highly recommend this unit. Worth every penny!!! Sandy Escanaba, MI
Pro User Sam
We have had every automatic litter box on the market and this is the only one that has worked for us. We just ordered a third one for spoiled cats. Now each one has its own potty. Sam Vienna, VA
Pro User Donna – 2 years
I have had the Litter-Robot for over 2 years now, and it is still working great. In the past I had used other automated litter box systems and they worked well for about 1 year then started having issues. My cat is a complete diva and if his litter box isn’t kept 100% clean he
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