I’ve always had a cat or two…
I’ve always had a cat or two, but recently ended up with three. Then my elderly Mother’s cat joined the group. Finally, I took two cats from a terminally ill friend. I was so concerned about the potential work and mess and smell. Then I saw Litter-Robot on line while searching for a solution. What
We have four cats…
We have four cats and have been using the Litter-Robot for almost one year. When It breaks, I will buy a new one. Bruce Gaithersburg, MD
6 cats and 2 kids!
I haven’t been a Litter-Robot owner for too long now but I did purchase my first one in December. It was instant love after that. I ordered my second in February and actually obtained a third in June. They have been a life saver for me as I have 6 cats, all rescued. With having
All 7 cats used it.
Got the Litter-Robot end of May was not sure the cats would use I took it out of box let cats get used to it for a week then I put in the room where the litter box was. I put some used litter in it, 6 cats used right off, the next day all
I purchased my Litter-Robot back in 2010…
I purchased my Litter-Robot back in 2010 and my life was changed! I have 3 cats that produce a lot scoopable waste and keeping up with daily scooping was time consuming and daunting to stay ahead of the smell. With the Litter-Robot I was emptying it about every 5 days and saving loads of money
No muss, no fuss, less litter.
FABULOUS product! We loved the first one so much that we bought an additional one. We have four cats and they took to the new Litter-Robot the first day. We put one upstairs and one downstairs and it’s so wonderful to come home and not smell a dirty litter box! No muss, no fuss, less
Why Do Cats Hate Water?
It’s common knowledge that cats simply cannot stand to get wet. But is this commonly held truth accurate, or is it simply another great misconception, like cats’ affinity for drinking milk (another blog on that to come). Well, it’s not quite as cut and dry as the cat-milk relationship, but it is similar in the
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