A giant smell-changer in my house!
The Litter-Robot has been a giant smell-changer in my house. My cats love it, and the biggest impediment has been their need to sometimes stick a paw in the Litter-Robot while it’s rotating. I appreciate their scientific curiosity, but it pauses the Robot every….single…time…which is also a nice safety feature. 🙂 Matilda Denton, TX
Match made in heaven!
7 Cats and a Litter-Robot – Match Made in Heaven! While we have more than 1 litter option for our household of cats (obviously), our Litter-Robot is one solution that we can’t do without, and we plan to add more Litter-Robots in the future. It is a clean and effortless way for us to keep
My sons & I have 4 cats.
My sons & I have 4 cats. One of which is extremely overweight (about 19 pounds & he’s on a diet). All of my cats use the Litter-Robot & we’ve had one since 2011. I recently just bought a second one because they are so amazing. The original is in a box right now because
We raise Siberian Cats…
We raise Siberian Cats. We have four females and one male, but there have been times when we have had as many as 17 kittens in three litters. We have four Litter-Robots thus eliminating litter boxes all over the house. The cats love them, AND SO DO WE!!!! LOL Jim Girard, IL
Cat litter odor made the apartment seem smaller!
The Litter-Robot is a miracle! I have one cat named Sadie but my roommate has two other cats and we live in a decently sized two bed/two bathroom apartment. But when it comes to cat litter odor the apartment seemed infinitely smaller! When I first moved in I placed a litter box under my bathroom
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