2 indoor, 10 outdoor cats.
I was using a Litter Mate box for years. I have 2 cats in home, 10 outside. I called customer support when I bought the Litter-Robot. My 2 cats inside would not touch it. I did what they said and it worked. I also new you have to wait and give them a chance. It’s
We brought home two kittens…
We brought home two 14 week old kittens 12 days ago. I did my research and after reading the reviews on the options for automated litter boxes decided the Litter-Robot was the best option for our new kittens. I bought the LR bubble and had it set up and turned off when the kittens first
I will have saved enough on litter to pay for the unit.
I was concerned about the high price of this unit. I finally relented and bought one. I should have done this the first time I heard of this product. All I can add to others praising this product, is buy one, you...
May work with some cats
I purchased the Litter-Robot a while back for my two Siamese and Siamese Snow Shoe mix cats and they wouldn’t touch it or even go near it !!!! Every time the motor started they ran away in fear!!! They started going around the house until we returned the Litter-Robot and brought their old litter box
My cats, like most, are very curious.
Thank you so much for such a fantastic product. I have five cats and I have tried the other electric litter products. They were messy, hard to clean, and did not hold much used litter. My cats like most others are very curious. I purchased one, left it off for two days, turned it on
Have been using it for years…
I love Litter-Robot and have been using it for years. Currently I am on my 2nd box. It is great when cats use it and use it correctly. About 10% of time, one of my cat cat would forget she is not fully in the box yet before peeing and makes a big mess on
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