Merry Christmas!
I purchased a Litter-Robot a few years ago, after a friend told me he had one and loved it.    I love it too.  This past July  my daughter was complaining about having to clean litter boxes for her 4 cat,  so I decided to surprise her and get her an early Christmas gift.  On the
10 Persian Cats
We show and breed Persian cats and are owned by 10 of them.  We now have two Litter-Robots; one purchased over four years ago and the other one purchased last year (2013).  When the cats are not breeding or having babies, they run the house and the Litter-Robot helps so much on the mess and
Unbelievable Customer Service
Unbelievable customer service from Shirley. I was having a series of problems with my three-year old litter robot and Shirley spent most of the day Sunday and on Labor Day troubleshooting with me. Unfortunately, I we were not able to resolve the multiple problems and because of my time constraints I had to order a
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