Three cats. One Litter Robot. And no smell!
I’ve used Litter Robot (or as I jokingly call it ‘Robo-Litter’) since 2010. My cats took to the unit very quickly and have consistently used it since. I love the convenience for me, and the cats love always having clean litter. But maybe what is most interesting is that people have commented that they can’t
Pro User Monica
We bought our Litter Robot in 2004 for our 9 year old cat. I hate scooping litter, but love my kitty so there had to be a solution. The Litter Robot was a life-saver then and still is. Last year after our kitty joined those over the rainbow bridge, we decided to get a kitten.
BEST Investment Ever For Me and My Cats!
I bought my Litter Robot in 2006.  BEST investment ever for me and my cats!  Litter Robot is so easy to use, it does all the work except changing litter liners- and that is very easy too.  I do a quick wipe down with a anti-bacteria cleaning wipe on the globe, step, and lip each
Three cats, One Litter-Robot
I bought the Litter Robot late August.  I read the reviews for 3 months before I decided to spend so much.  I have 3 babies that are 7 years old.  They are strictly indoor cats.  My two cats took to the Litter Robot within a couple days.  My third cat was refusing to use it.
Could not be any happier!
I , with much hesitation , purchased this for my 2 babies several months ago and could not be any happier. It works so well , my cats love it, and it really helps me through the week being I work 60 hours a week. Recently my 8 year old cat got a bladder infection
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