This is the most amazing litter box every cat owner should have.
I don’t know how I ever had cats without this! This is the most amazing litter box every cat owner should have. Well worth the cost, I wish I had found out about litter robot sooner. Carol Roswell, NM
Regret not purchasing this Litter-Robot Years Ago!
I bought my Litter Robot and after purchasing it I realized my regret of not purchasing this Litter Robot years ago. I’ve always been a put off with the hefty price, but now I am impressed with the after market customer service....
I LOVE this machine!
I LOVE this machine!  My cats love it too!  The best customer service too, it’s a win win! Debi Chilhowie, VA
Two Feral Cats
I have two feral cats so after reading information about the litter robot, I was a little leery about whether they would use it. I was so fed up with scooping I decided to give it a shot. The cats were so curious, they got into the robot as soon as I got litter into
Best appliance in my home!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The best product on the market by far. Purchased my unit in 2008 and it’s the best appliance in my home. It saves me time, my home is always kitty smell free, and the two fuzzy butts who live here love it! Tiffany Burton, MI
Pro User Brittany
I purchased my first Litter Robot in 2007 after failing to find any other litter box that could handle the traffic of 6 cats. That Litter Robot is still going strong today in 2014. I bought a 2nd Litter Robot in 2010 to give myself a little more time between emptying the bins and recently
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