Of all the appliances in our house, the Litter Robot ranks among the top 3
Of all the appliances in our house, the Litter Robot ranks among the top 3, prob at the very top followed by the instant hot water and the dishwasher. I can’t imagine life without it. It lasts about 4 years, and then...
Get a Litter Robot, you will NOT regret it.
I have five cats. Normally, my house smells like I have cats, not bad, just smells like pets. It has been 5 days since I received and set up this glorious machine. Within minutes of setting it up, I didn’t even get the chance to turn it on before two of my cats hopped in
No dust, no smell, minimal litter tracked throughout the house so this thing is a winner.
We have 6 cats and looked at the Cat Genie automatic litter box but that unit requires a water source and sewer connection in addition to special litter and cleaning products. The initial cost of that unit is less than the Litter...
How to Bathe Your Cat
Your cat should be able to maintain its own hygiene with its own grooming. Unlike dogs, cats are capable of using their tongues and teeth to clean and groom their coats as needed. Occasionally, however, your cat may find its way into something exceptionally dirty and you may need to give it a bath. Here
If you purchase the Litter-Robot you will get what you paid for.
Best investment ever!! I have five cats. We were cleaning the litter box 3 times a day. It was a consent battle to keep clean. I had an automatic litter box in the past and felt that there would be tiny pieces...
It was so worth the investment.
For a first time cat mom this has been a dream! I am a huge animal lover but have always only owned dogs. I was always the person that loved cats “in other people’s houses” where they had to contend with the litter box maintenance. I had a stray drop into my lap (literally) while
It’s worked wonderfully!
It’s been one week since Kitty and I received the Litter Robot. So far it’s worked wonderfully! I’m astounded by how easy it was to set up. Also, I have a larger cat so I was a bit weary about how he would fit but the globe accommodates him just fine, and he took to
no mess, no smell, and cheap and easy to use!
LOVE this! Bought a cheaper one and it died in 4 days (refunded thankfully). Did some real research and bought Litter-Robot. Took one of my cats about a week to get used to it, now both of my cats use it and I only have to empty once a week! I am saving money on
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