Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!
Best purchase I’ve made in a long time! Took a few days, but our cat is now using it with no issues. It has served a 2 fold benefit, I don’t need to touch litter anymore (icky) AND my 2 dogs no longer can get “litter” treats – so it’s a win-win for everyone! In
Pro User Tips Tara
Tip: Since the base of the Litter-robot cannot be submersed in water because of the internal motor, we have come up with a routine for cleaning it about every 3 months or so. First we wipe the outside of the base off with a gently cleansing wipe. We remove the drawer and vacuum any loose
Pro User Ray
Our two Bengal cats have been using our litter-robot for about a year now.  They had no problem adjusting to the new type litter box, and we just love it too. Ray Azalea, OR
Pro User Nancy
We love our Litter Robot! Six months ago, I was tired of cleaning out litter boxes. My husband was working long hours and we had 6 cats. We finally, after days of research, decided to buy two automated litter boxes, Litter robot and another top rated automatic litter box. We purchased the Litter Robot with
Pro User Teri
I hated cleaning the litter in my old-fashioned litter boxes. My daughter has tried more than one brand of the first version of automatic litter boxes, and complained that all of them clogged up. So I researched the next level of automatic litter boxes, and decided on the Litter-Robot. BEST DECISION EVER! I have two
Anyone that has cats should get one of these.
We have 10 cats and 2 litter robots. It’s wonderful to not have to clean out 10 litter boxes every day. We now change out the drawers every 3 to 4 days. When we had the old litter boxes it hurt my back to clean them out. Now, it takes about a minute to change
What a great product and worth every penny!
Thought you might like to hear that we bought our LitterRobot 12/22/2004! Had to replace something on it in 2008 otherwise it’s still going strong. What a great product and worth every penny! We live in Minnesota and the LitterRobot has been hauled to Nevada and back with our 2 cats twice. Can’t imagine being
This thing is priceless.
Over the years, I have thrown my money away with every piece of littler box equipment invented. The pads, the sifter, the tilt-the-box, the “absorbent” pebbles and crystals, the diaper-dropper container contraption…you name it. The Litter Robot is the last piece of equipment I need to ever buy. No more nauseating smell, wasting plastic bags,
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