Is Your Cat A Jerk?

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Probably. But does that mean that we find our feline friends any less irresistible? Certainly not. Many have tried to explain the irrational attraction to cats that we all feel, but are, of course, not reciprocated. It seems to just be something of an instinctual reaction that we simply cannot avoid or stop from occurring. No matter how frustrated, appalled or rejected we may be by our cats, there’s no such thing as not finding them absolutely the most adorable little buggers around. Here, just to confirm that you don’t have some kind of possessed demon cat, are a few examples of other peoples’ cats acting in a not very nice way.

Cats Rejecting Your Love, Affection And Effort

Here are a few instances of cat’s being a little cold, distant and even sometimes downright rude. There’s comfort in solidarity, right? So, you’ll be happy to know that everyone struggles with his or her cat’s bad attitude from time to time. Sometimes the harder we try, the less it seems that our cats try.


Cats Disrespecting You And Your Things

Just because you like certain items on your shelf, desk, counter or any other surface in your home, doesn’t mean that your cat will respect your wishes to have that thing kept there. Here are cats doing what they do best (besides hunting mice), knocking your things off of the surfaces upon which you’ve set them. At least you may get some joy from seeing it happen to other peoples’ stuff for a change.

Cats Being Mean To Dogs And Other Cats

There should also be some peace of mind in knowing that it’s not just your feelings that your cat seems to disregard entirely. Here are some cases in point of cats being mean to dogs and even other cats. It’s now a cat-eat-cat-or-anything-else-for-that-matter world.



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