no more crap!
I love my litter robot! It has saved my life and my cat’s! She doesn’t have to stand in her own crap anymore. and I don’t have to clean it up! Best purchase I’ve ever made!
Proud owner of 4 Litter-Robots
We now have 4 litter robots and LOVE them. Our cats never get tired of watching them cycle. They are easy to clean, and we will never scoop again!!!
Advantages Of An Automatic Litter Box
Although there are quite a few different automatic self-cleaning litter boxes currently on the market, the one on which we would prefer to focus, and specifically on its great many advantages, is our very own Litter Robot. We could go on and on explaining the ins and outs of every facet of this incredible device,
Saving Litter And Money With Your Litter Robot
They say that time is money, but, for those of us who own cats, we know that it’s actually litter that is money. When it comes to keeping your kitty in fresh, untainted litter, you’re going to be shelling out nearly as much as you do at the gas station. It’s an inevitable regular expense
Life just got easier… in an instant!!
No more taking a half an hour to clean 4 litter boxes. My Litter Robot has taken away the pain of spending so much time on cleaning litter boxes. Every time I hear it cleaning, I smile! I’m smiling as we speak. So unbelievably happy with this purchase that I can’t understand why it took
Why Does My Cat Purr?
You love when your cat curls up next to you and starts to purr incessantly. But we sort of only assume that pleasure is what’s giving way to that odd, mysterious vibrating deep within our feline companions. What’s really causing your cat to purr like a small, yet consistent motor? That is still not entirely
Best purchase ever
Best purchase ever! -Suprisingly efficient on litter consumption. -Doesn’t smell at all. -Allows me to travel up to 12 days! -Never touch poop again! My male jumped right in.My female took about 5 weeks to make the switch. She’s a very stubborn girl but now she is fascinated by the cycle! This product is a
What Vaccines Should I Get My Cat?
Whether you’ve just got a new kitten or you’ve adopted an adult cat, there are certain vaccinations that are either required or highly advisable depending on the age, medical history, environment and lifestyle of your cat. Here, from the always-informative sources at Web MD, is what you should know about the necessary and recommended vaccines
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