Why do cats use litter boxes?
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the fittest—a concept you probably first learned in biology class and now associate with day-to-day competitive scenarios. Your boss promotes someone after a grueling quarter? Survival of the fittest. Only one spot open on the varsity basketball team? Survival of the fittest. A pretty girl at the bar getting
No more scooping
just love my litter robot. no more scooping every morning. so easy to empty and refill. just wonderful.
Managing Litter Boxes in a Multiple Cat Home
Sometimes I have a dream I am surrounded by cats. Fluffy, adorable kitties everywhere! But it quickly turns into a nightmare. No—no! Not the litter boxes! If you have multiple cats, you know the struggle of constantly cleaning up after them, whether it’s cat food on the floor, hair on the couch, or clumps in
Cat hated cats, not anymore!
My husband is not fawn of owning cats. But we inherited two cats and we agreed I could keep them if the litter box did not smell. Owning my own business and Rentals I didn’t really have time to clean the litter box on a daily basis. I love that I can empty the drawer
Get the bubble unit
OMG you have to get this if you can. I have had the bubble window unit for several years now and wouldn’t be without. Really who wants to scoop cat poo? It does all the work and uses everyday 30 gal kitchen garbage bags, just pull out and replace every week or more. Genius! Get
Better than sliced bread!
You know you always hear the saying, “better than sliced bread”….well the Litter Robot is even better than that. No more scooping! And the cats really like using it so not more accidental messes. It is the ONE AND ONLY automatic litter box that really works. The others just do not compare. I can’t imagine
High Energy Cat Breeds
If you’ve been looking to adopt a cat, but you want an especially high-energy breed, then you’re in luck. The thoughtful folks at Purina have compiled a rather comprehensive list of the most high-energy cat breeds, and they’ve even given us a little tidbit of info on each of these vigorous kitties, as well! Abyssinian
Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?
Ever wonder why your cat has whiskers? Turns out that they’re not just meant to give your cat a more majestic look. Your cat’s whiskers actually serve a few vital functions in their everyday comings and goings. This is due to the fact that your cat’s whiskers are actually a different type of hair called
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