Litter Robot: Joining The Ranks Of History’s Best Inventions Ever!

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In this era of exponentially increasing technological advance, new inventions are a dime a dozen. Good inventions, on the other hand, are still as important and, sadly, as rare as they’ve ever been. Fortunately, there are still some good folks, like those at Automated Pet Care Products, who are pushing the boundaries and riding on toward a wild frontier that is in desperate need of their cultivation. Now, with the advent of Automated Pet Care’s revolutionary automatic self-cleaning litter box, aptly named the Litter Robot, they have truly joined the ranks of history’s most impressive and innovative inventions to date.

Alexander Graham Bell & The Telephone

In March of 1876, a prominent Scottish scientist and engineer, by the name of Alexander Graham Bell, gave intellectual birthPortrait of Thomas Edison to what some might consider the most profound invention in the realm of interpersonal communication to date. The telephone is something that almost every person in our country walks around with in their pocket, but, were it not for one forward-thinking Scot, we may all have better penmanship and fewer attention disorders, but we certainly wouldn’t be as well connected with one another.

Thomas Edison & The Incandescent Light Bulb

Then, just three and a half short years later, in December of MTE4MDAzNDEwNTEzMDA0MDQ21879, an American inventor and businessman, named Thomas Alva Edison, brought the world the first successful incandescent light bulb. Few inventions prior to or since have yielded the same kind of miraculous reverence and stood the test of time as truly remarkable achievements of human endeavor.


Orville and Wilbur Wright & The Airplane

As fateful a day as ever there was, December 17, 1903 stands still in history as the moment that man first defied gravity and urlachieved sustained flight. The relentless and enterprising brothers Wright, a couple of American publishers and bicycle mechanics, pushed into an altogether unreached frontier when they created a contraption that carried man into the sky.


Brad Baxter & The Litter Robot

It would require the passage of some considerable amount of time, almost a century to be exac, for the world to give way to an invention of proportionate value to the common, everyday human. It would come in the form of not just any, but the gI_0_bradbaxterdefinitive automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats. The brainchild of Brad Baxter, founder of the cutting edge pet supplies company Automated Pet Care Products, the Litter Robot came into being in April of 2000, and the last fifteen years have been shaped, or shall we say reshaped, by the advent of a litter box that requires no scooping and produces no offensive odors. Now, the Litter Robot takes its place at the helm of a new century of earthshattering inventions, but has never forgotten the foundation that’s been laid by its predecessors.


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