Do cats sweat?
The short answer is yes cats do sweat, but not quite like we humans do. Overheating can be a serious issue, so it’s to take some preventative measures. Although there are a number of ways your cat can cool itself, an overheated cat can be medically problematic and will require preventative measures to keep your
Best Purchase Ever!
The Litter-Robot is the best cat equipment purchase I have ever made. My three cats adjusted to it much quicker than I ever hoped. I tried another automatic litter system and my cats preferred the floor to the unit. Even my scaredy-cat uses it with no problem. My husband is has ALS so all of
Can’t live without it!
Hi. I have four cats and can’t believe anyone would have cats without a litter robot. It’s worth every penny. I have had mine for about 4 years. I have abused it terribly. I dump the drawer maybe once a week or two weeks. It’s outside now in a dog house tent I got for
We Love Our Litter-Robot!
I have been using the robot for about a year now, and it is by far the best investment I made into owning a cat. I have cat allergies, and cleaning the litter from one pan with one cat could knock me out for hours. Now with the robot it is once a week, services
Absolutely Love These Machines!
I absolutely love these machines. I have 7 cats (I adopted one,saved two and helped a mama and babies who were starving and abandoned)and have trained them all with different personalities to use the litter robot with no accidents. I have also trained my daughters three cats and my sons two while he lived with
Calmest Breeds of Housecat
Whether your kids have moved out and you are relishing that new-found peace, or you have young children that need a playful and tame companion, some cats better than others. If you’re looking for a cat with a demeanor on the calmer side you may want to look into these breeds recommended by Purina. Birman
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