5 Year Review –
First off a great company that stands behind their product. I’ve had my litter robot over 5 years. I did so much research before buying. It was originally purchased for a 25 lb rag doll, many automatic litter boxes could not handle the size of his waste. He loved it. I have the bubble unit
Great product for cats and pet parents!
I have two sphynx cats. The older one (female) took to the Litter Robot by the second day, and has consistently used it ever since. The younger male, however is a different story. After 5 weeks, he still would not go in it unless there were treats inside, and then he would eat the treats
7 Cats – Litter-Robot is Amazing
I absolutely love these machines. I have 7 cats (I adopted one,saved two and helped a mama and babies who were starving and abandoned)and have trained them all with different personalities to use the litter robot with no accidents. I have also trained my daughters three cats and my sons two while he lived with
It has revolutionized the experience of being a cat parent
bought a Litter Robot more than five years ago and have been extremely happy with it; more importantly, so have the cats. It has revolutionized the experience of being a cat parent, alleviating stress, guilt, scooping and smell. My two cats took...
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