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Cat Facts, Cat Humor

My cat caught a mouse. Now what?

Your cat caught a mouse. Now what? Cats have a desire to catch things and hunt. This is why cats adore playing with toys that tease them. Read about why cats love to chase mice and learn prevention techniques.

Cat Facts, Cat Humor

Does my cat hate me?

The good news is, no, your cat does not actually hate you. But the bad news is that this doesn’t necessarily mean they love you in the way you hope. He just sees you as his equal. Learn about cat behavior and tendencies.

Cat Facts

Should you declaw your cat? No!

Once considered a safe and routine procedure, views on declawing have changed. In fact, the evidence against elective declawing is overwhelming. Learn about the risks and alternatives to declawing your cat.

Cat Tips

How to Keep Your Cat Happy

Have you ever wondered how to keep your cat happy? You supply food, water, and shelter, but how do you turn surviving into thriving? With just a few extra steps, you can help your cat live his or her happiest and healthiest life.