National Animal Safety and Prevention Month

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October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month, a time to brush up on best practices to keep your pet healthy and safe.

From reactive to proactive, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep your pet safe. From diet dos and don’ts, to vet wills and won’ts; from safeguarding your home to being safe on the road, learn how to keep your cat safe with these previous posts.

Can cats eat chocolate?

Most people know that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, but what about cats? As picky eaters, cats are far less likely than dogs to seek out your chocolate stash, but some will find their way into a chocolaty treat or may even be fed one by an unwitting owner. The short answer is no, cats should never eat chocolate. But why not? And what happens if they do?


It’s a Jungle Out There! What Plants are Safe for Your Cat?

cat in planter cropped 2

It’s not uncommon for cat lovers to be plant lovers as well. Interactions between cats and plants isn’t something many people spend a lot of time thinking about, other than expressing concerns about holiday poinsettias (and in fact, poinsettias are only mildly poisonous to cats and dogs). But when you consider the many ordinary, everyday plants that can have catastrophic effects on your cat’s health, you owe it to your pet to pay attention. Click here to review our list of common plants that pets should never consume.


Take Your Cat to the Vet Day: More Purr, Less Panic

header image_take-your-cat-to-the-vet

Amazingly, even though there are more cats than dogs in the US, cats visit the vet far less often than dogs. In fact, according to one study, only half as many cats as dogs get regular check-ups. Click here to read why cats don’t get to the vet as often as dogs do, and ways to make it easier to get them to the doc.


Pet Fire Safety

Cat looking out over backyard

It is just as important to keep your pet safe during a fire as it is to keep your home safe so your pet doesn’t accidentally start a fire.

An estimated 500,000 pets are affected by house fires each year and about 40,000 of those pets perish, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Not many pet parents realize that their pet can be responsible for the fire, but about 1,000 pets each year accidentally start house fires.

Simple preventative measures can mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged friends. Use these tips to plan for the worst.


Traveling with Your Cat: Practical Strategies

cat sleeping inside carrier

Traveling with your cat takes some planning. First, you’ll need to make reservations at a cat-friendly hotel and select a safe cat carrier to keep your cat comfortable. Then you’re ready to hit the road. We’ve assembled some tips and strategies to help you and your cat throughout the journey, so you’ll arrive at your destination safe (and sane).


6 Common Microchip Misconceptions

Common Microchip Litter Robot BlogB

Whether your pet is already microchipped or you’re considering getting one, we’re here to clear up some common misconceptions.


How to Help a Stray Cat

Stray Litter Robot Blog

Finding a stray cat can be a heart-wrenching, confusing, and potentially dangerous experience. With an estimated 70 million cats roaming freely in the US, it’s likely you or someone you know will encounter one. Find out how to help a stray cat.


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