The Coziest Cat Beds for the Tail End of Winter

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One thing that’s true of almost every cat in the world is that they LOVE to be warm and cozy. Most felines will instinctively seek out and snuggle up in the warmest, sunniest spots they can find. And, no matter how cold it is outside, there’s something about the sight of a cat curled up on the sunniest spot on the couch or enjoying a cat nap in his favorite bed that makes me feel a little warmer inside too!

Depending on where you live, winter may be beginning to wind down, and you and your kitty may yet have a while to wait before the warmer weather arrives. Why not treat your cat to a cozy new bed to hunker down in for the “tail” end of winter? These beds are the purr-fect thing to keep your favorite feline comfy and cozy, and a lot of them can enhance the look of your home too!

Cozy Cat Beds

Most cats will attempt to squeeze into just about any small space that they can fit into. (And some that they cant!). This super cute cat cocoon could easily become kitty’s favorite spot to hide away and get some z’s.

And for the cat who doesn’t mind being on display, a hammock suspended beneath a glass coffee table gives him the chance to rest in lavish comfort while still remaining the object of your admiration.

This Cat Ball bed is the purr-fect place for kitty to enjoy a cat nap and then launch a sneak attack on his people or toys when he is done. It has two openings (a large one and a small one) and is made entirely of foam and fabric so it’s totally safe and machine washable too! The bed is available in lots of patterns to coordinate with any color scheme.

Spoil your kitty by giving him an entertaining spot to relax. This bed mounts to a window with suction cups so cats can enjoy the fascinating sights of the outside world from the safety and warmth of a comfy window perch.

DIY Beds for the Crafty Cat Parent

If you’re handy with a hammer, a sewing machine, or even a roll of duct tape, you may want to try your paw at making Fluffy’s next cat bed yourself.

This cat tent is made out of materials you probably have lying around your house anyway. All you need is a t-shirt, wire hangers, and a couple of simple tools. A tent made out of one of your old shirts has the added bonus of carrying your scent, which may help kitty feel more at home!

How adorable is this? Attach legs to the bottom of an old suitcase or drawer, add a soft cushion, and voila! You have a cozy cat bed with vintage charm!

If you’re into repurposing furniture, an old end table could make an amazing sleeping nook! Ok, I know there’s a dog in this picture, but can’t you just imagine a cat curled up in that cubby?

Whether you find the perfect cat bed ready made, or choose to make your own, the sight of your favorite feline friend snuggling down in his new cozy spot to ride out the rest of the winter is sure to create a warm spot in your heart. And that’s a great feeling any time of year!

Want more great cat bed ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!


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