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AutoPets celebrates Earth Day and encourages environmental stewardship throughout the year with eco-friendly pet care products.

Earth Day is the largest civic observance in the world—a day when more than 1 billion people across the globe participate in Earth Day activities. On April 22nd, you may have plans to plant trees, take part in a cleanup, attend a march, or it might just be a day when you reflect on your own environmental impact.

Earth Day actions are important in gaining quick wins by bringing together many hands to make light work, and they are key in creating momentum for longer-term movement toward environmental-friendly practices. While a treed park or cleaner watershed is important and achievable in one day, it’s how the day inspires the habits that prevent pollution and protect the environment every day that are most valuable.

It’s during the other 364 days of the year when the hundreds of choices we make each day add up to impact the environment—and that includes how we care for our pets. They require food, water, toys, collars and leashes, beds, waste management systems, and more, which all demand resources and create waste. Making greener even a fraction of the ways you care for your pet can reduce your environmental impact year-round.

Environmentally-Friendly Litter Box

If you have a cat and use the Litter-Robot, you’re already reducing your environmental impact compared to many traditional and automatic litter box systems. If you’re still thinking about whether to use a Litter-Robot in your home, you just might be swayed by the significant environmental-friendliness our automatic self-cleaning litter box has to offer.
Design. Engineering. Function.

Green Pet Care

At AutoPets, we champion environmental sustainability throughout a product’s life cycle, from manufacture, to use at home, to eventual disposal. We know that inventing products to make caring for your pet easier and more enjoyable can’t be at the expense of the environment. To that end, we’ve designed the Litter-Robot and other products to be efficient and convenient sustainably.

Made in the USA with Global Materials

AutoPets is proud to manufacture the Litter-Robot in the USA with materials sourced both domestically and globally. We bring together the best the world has to offer and build every Litter-Robot right here in America. Manufacturing in the USA helps us ensure high standards of quality and keeps us agile in terms of meeting demand, all while reducing the amount of fossil fuel emissions required to transport our products.

Built to Last

The Litter-Robot is built to last with tough, recyclable plastics and industrial-grade components, and is designed for easy repair when that time comes. The Litter-Robot is not a product that will wear out in the short-term, forcing you to throw it out and replace it after a year or two; nor is it a product that you have to scrap if something malfunctions. In fact, AutoPets backs the Litter-Robot with an 18-month full warranty that you can extend to 3 years. After warranty, we will service your Litter-Robot or enable you to do so at home, extending the life of your Litter-Robot well into the future.

No Special Products Required

The Litter-Robot was designed to require only minimal consumable resources: litter and trash bags. Not only does this make the Litter-Robot easy to use, it also reduces its impact on the environment (not mention your wallet) over time. And, to reduce the impact of those necessary consumable items, we offer biodegradable bags to line the waste drawer and sun-dried, all natural clay clumping litter (that is produced with some seriously green practices), making the Litter-Robot that much gentler on the environment.

If you are interested in maximizing the space around your Litter-Robot or giving your cat a place to lounge, we offer a cabinet and cat tree, which are both made in the USA with local-to-the-artisan, sustainably sourced birch wood and bamboo (which is a highly renewable grass that produces 35% more oxygen than trees, reaches maturity in four years, and doesn’t require replanting when harvested).

Reduced Waste

The Litter-Robot efficiently sifts the litter during a cycle, removing only the clumps and preserving a maximal amount of clean litter for the next use. That means your supply of litter lasts longer and unnecessary amounts of waste are kept out of landfills (again, all while saving you time and money).

AutoPets also offers a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on every Litter-Robot, so you can decide if it’s right for you and your cat. In the case that a Litter-Robot is returned, we don’t just throw it away; instead, eligible units and components are reconditioned and tested to verify they meet original factory specifications. By extending the useful life of our products through reconditioning and reselling, together we reduce waste.

Environmental Stewardship is Good Business

We take pride in providing high quality products that are built to last. However, when something goes wrong, we have the ability to repair or replace components for all of our products. We believe that making it right the first time, incorporating design features that allow for repair or refurbishment, and considering how a product may be disassembled at the end of its useful life for recycling go a long way towards AutoPets’ mission to be a good steward of the environment. These values are good business and they guide our development as we continue to innovate in the pet product industry.

Happy Earth Day to you and your feline friends from AutoPets!


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