Where to Put the Litter Box in a Small House or Apartment
In a small house or tiny apartment, it can be hard enough to find space for your own things, let alone the cat’s litter box. But it’s important to get it right. Litter box issues are a top behavioral concern reported to vets...
Five Fabulous Feline Products to Make Your Cat a Famous Internet Star
Guest post by Kristen Levine   Kristen Levine Pet Living is the place for stories, science & advice for living happier and healthier with pets.   If you love cats and if you pay any attention to social media, it would be...
How to Choose the Right Cat Litter
Choosing the right cat litter for your needs may seem complicated given the number of features and options, but there are a few qualities to focus on that will help you find what’s right for you. The trick is to do your research, but keep it simple. If a cat litter is good for your cat, good
Celebrate National Pet Week
2017 National Pet Week is May 7-13th! National Pet Week is a great time to place your pets front and center. In addition to giving them some extra attention, it’s also a great time to reflect on how you provide a healthy and satisfying lifestyle for your pet. It’s easy to get in a rut and
Why is my cat sleeping in the litter box?
Cats are known to do some peculiar things, but when they do something out of character—like hanging out or sleeping in the litter box—it’s time to figure out the problem and supply a solution. If your cat is spending a lot time in the litter box, take note of what they are doing in there. Is
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