7 Gift Ideas for Cat Dads

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He’s the pillar of strength and discipline—or at least he wants you to think so. But when it comes to his fur baby, he’s a puddle of love. Treat the cat dad in your life to a special gift this Father’s Day.

But what to get? Shopping for guys can be tough. But shopping for guys with cats? At least you know what he’s into. Whatever the personality of the cat daddio on your list, we’ve got you covered.

Top 7 Gifts for the Cat Dad in Your Life

7.  A Selfie Stick for the Shamelessly Social Cat Dad

He may or may not have kids, but he has a fur baby—and everyone knows it. His Instagram feed is full of adorable cat moments, from quiet snuggles to crazy zoomies.

He gets away with way too many selfies by using his precious companion as a thinly veiled excuse: “They’re not selfies… they’re pictures of my cat!” Sure. That’s called a selfie with a cat.

Up his social cat game with a selfie stick. He won’t buy it himself and he won’t fail to put to good use.

6.  Mustache Cat Toy for the Cat Dad with a Hipster Beard

Enough feather toys and those ones with little balls that jingle. Your cat dad is the pinnacle of manliness (can’t you see his beard?!). Let his feline friend’s accessories reflect that with the mustache cat toy.

It’s filled with catnip and can be easily tied to a string. Just wait ’til you see his cat walking around with a perfectly groomed mustache. What a little gentleman.

5.  Flying Pizza Space Cat Shirt for the Cat Dad who Internets

The internet has spoken: cats in outer space are out of this world. Ranging from tie dye to galactic nebula, you can find shirts with cats surfing through space on pizza and tacos.

They’re eccentric. They’re fun. They make loving cats socially acceptable for men.

If your guy uses terms like IIRC, OP, FTFY, or HMB, you just might find he’ll enjoy an off-the-wall cat shirt.

Design. Engineering. Function.

4.  A Tree for the Cat Dad with a Man Cave

A cat tree doesn’t have to make his living space look like a pet mart aisle. Add style to his bachelor pad or man cave with a deluxe cat tree.

AutoPets offers a selection of neutral tones to match any man’s tastes.

 3.  A Pet Portrait for the Art-Loving Cat Dad

He has a really photogenic cat. Or maybe he doesn’t; maybe the cat has a face only a cat dad could love.

Get him an expertly painted, photo-realistic pet portrait in a natural, playful, or festive style. Careful, you might want to have the tissues ready.

2.  A Pet Cam for the Techy Cat Dad

A cat cam is the perfect gift for the techy cat dad (who might also have a little separation anxiety).

Ever wonder where your cat goes when you’re not home? Think he just lies around the house awaiting your return? You may be surprised.

Curiosity won’t kill the cat, but it will make for fun viewing.

1.  An Automatic, Self-Cleaning Litter Box for the Problem-Solver Cat Dad

He loves his cat, but he hates scooping. The daily hassle, the smell, the consequence for laziness (ew). Hello, Litter-Robot. The last litter box he’ll ever need.

No more scooping, no more smell, no more hassle. It’s the gift that keeps on…sifting.

There’s even a deal going on now.

BONUS:  For the Cat Dad with a Cause, Donate to a Shelter in His Name

Does your cat dad have a big, fluffy heart? A donation to a local shelter, Humane Society, or ASPCA in his name may be just the thing.

Donations to the Humane Society go to animal advocacy and protecting animals facing abuse, and they offer gift donations.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Whatever you get your Cat Dad of the Year, he’s sure to love it (or at least the thought—I hear that’s what counts). And if all else fails, you can always go classic with a mug that says it all. Happy gifting!


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