How to Throw a Party for Your Cat

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It seems that pet parties are almost always about dogs. But why should the canine species have all the fun? After all, our cats are an important part of our lives, so why wouldn’t we want to acknowledge a special occasion, like a birthday or an adoption anniversary, by throwing a little extra attention their way?

The challenge is that cats are not exactly party animals. As a matter of fact, most of the things that we typically associate with parties, like loud music, lots of people, rowdy games, and noisemakers, would send most felines scurrying under the nearest bed for the duration of the event.

So clearly, if you’re going to throw a party for your cat, it has to be planned with his special needs in mind. You know your cat better than anyone else, so once you get going you’ll probably surprise yourself with plenty of cat-centric party ideas. But here are a few ideas and suggestions to get you started.

Create the Right Cat-mosphere

The key to a successful cat party is to keep it from overwhelming your kitty, so limit the guest list to a few people your cat loves. In most cases it’s a good idea to avoid including other cats in the festivities—except for kitties who you already know your cat approves of. The last thing you want is for your party to be cut short by a cat fight!

Cats are usually more active at night, so an evening or night party will be right up their alley.

If you feel the need to decorate, go for it! Just don’t expect your guest of honor to pay much attention to your efforts. If you do decorate, be sure to avoid dangling streamers within your kitty’s reach! Cat’s like to ingest long, stringy, sparkly things which can lead to an emergency veterinary visit for a blocked intestine!  However, balloons adorned with kitty ears and whiskers or garlands hung with yarn balls can add a certain amount of whimsy that human party-goers will appreciate. You could also stream cute cat videos on your television or compile a playlist of cat-themed music to play quietly in the background.

Plan Some Fun Cat-tivities


Your cat probably won’t be in the mood to party the night away, but 30 minutes or so of playtime will give him a chance to have some good healthy exercise and bonding time with his adoring humans. You could let kitty tap into his inner hunter by hiding a few of his favorite treats and watching as he stalks the smell to find them. Or you could introduce the No Bowl feeder system – designed to feed cats in a more instinctive and engaging way.

If your cat enjoys it, bringing out a few toys stuffed with catnip will be wildly entertaining for both feline and human guests! Or you could let your guests take turns with a laser pointer or feather wand to encourage some fun-to-watch kitty antics.

When kitty has had enough excitement, give him the chance for a little snuggle time. Or, if he prefers, let him retire to a quiet secluded corner of the house to finish off his party with a cat nap.

Depending on the interests of your guests, you could also include some activities such as making kitty ear headbands to wear or playing pin the tail on the dog.


It goes without saying that you’ll need to cater to two different tastes in the snack department. You probably can think of a special treat or two for your kitty. In addition to the aforementioned catnip, perhaps you can bring him back to Earth with a tasty teaspoonful of cooked fish or chicken.

Your human guests won’t want a can of plain tuna, but they may appreciate a cat-themed snack or two. You can find lots of great ideas on Pinterest. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, why not pay tribute to your guest of honor by mixing up an Alley Cat? It’s made of 1 part gin, 1 part passion fruit liqueur, a splash of violet liqueur, and one part sweet vermouth. For humans only!

Don’t Forget Purr-esents!

Throwing a party for your cat is the purr-fect excuse to shower him with gifts. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few gift ideas:

  • —  Cat grass
  • —  Motion-activated cat toys
  • —  A new bed, scratcher, or climbing tree
  • —  Cat nip, of course!

If you feel that your favorite feline already has absolutely everything his little kitty heart could desire, then you could consider making a donation to a local shelter or rescue group in his honor and possibly encouraging your guests to do the same. Or call the shelter and find out what they need and ask each guest to bring one item from the list. This way, your party could even help another kitty find a forever home with a loving family who will spoil him just as much as you spoil your cat!


  • Elizabeth McGlone

    As a mom to an almost 10 year old, who has loved warrior cats for a few years already… this is pretty epic. You seriously just made her birthday fabulous. I will take pics and share, I’m so excited – it’s in February, so I better get started! :)

    OneDayTop recently has posted for PET : 4 WAYS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CAT ON A DEEPER LEVEL

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