Cat Hairball Remedies
Guest post by Louise Burpee, DVM   This article originally appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of Southern Paws & Tails.   The sounds and sights of hairballs are part of every cat owner’s life! Known technically as trichobezoars, hairballs are tubular shaped wads of woven downy fur moistened with stomach juices. They are gagged or
5 Steps to Introducing Your New Kitten to Your Resident Cat
Guest Post by Jenny Dean of   Getting a kitten is one of the most exciting things that can happen in life. However, if you already have a resident kitty at home, there are some necessary steps to take in order...
Litter-Robot receives Animal Wellness Magazine’s stamp of approval!
We’re excited to share some good news!   Animal Wellness Magazine, a publication devoted to natural, positive pet care, will feature the Litter-Robot in its August/September 2016 issue.  The Animal Wellness Magazine stamp of approval recognizes that the Litter-Robot is of, “superior quality in...
Is your cat bilingual?
No, your cat isn’t picking up French (or even English) any time soon, but kitty is studying how to communicate with you. While every toddler knows the answer to the question, “What sound does a cat make?,” meow isn’t the only right answer. It is, however, a cat’s special form of communication reserved for its human companions. The
It’s Kitten Season! Here’s How to Help!
Ah, kitten season. So many kittens—too many kittens—could there be such a thing? Unfortunately, for shelters, the answer is yes. Kitten season is often their most overwhelming time of year. Cat mating season is approximately January through February and about two months...
How Many Litter-Robots for How Many Cats?
Having an appropriate number of Litter-Robots for your home not only eliminates the need for scooping, it also promotes a positive atmosphere for your furry feline friends. Use this guide to find out how many Litter-Robots best suit your home and the needs of your cats. 
Does your cat have a drinking problem?
Pet parents often assume their kitties will drink if they’re thirsty, but many cats have a drinking problem. …and while this isn’t the kind of drinking problem that can get kitty fired or in a car wreck, it does have serious consequences. Peculiar or Primal? Many pet parents designate a feeding station for kitty’s food and water dishes. It
Adopting a kitty? How to get the cute without the crazy!
We know it’s hard—nearly impossible—to walk passed the mewing, wide-eyed kittens at your local shelter. But an older cat can be just as cute and cuddly as a kitten—and almost none of the trouble. If you’re looking to adopt the purrfect companion,...
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