Cat Travel Part I: Lodging
Whether you’re moving across the country or taking an extended vacation, there are many issues to consider when road tripping with your cat. If you’re going to need overnight lodging, planning ahead is key. While drivers without pets may be able to make impromptu stops whenever they’d like, your cats can make travel a little more complicated.
Get Ready for Pawesome Adventures at CatConLA 2016
If you’re longing to venture further into the cat community, connect with fellow cat lovers, and attend a major event with cattitude, then you need to check out CatConLA 2016. In 2015, Susan Michals launched this cat festival that dubbed itself the...
6 Common Microchip Misconceptions
June is National Microchipping Month and whether your pet is already microchipped or you’re considering getting one, we’re here to clear up some common misconceptions. – Misconception 1: My pet has an ID tag, so I don’t need a microchip. All pets should wear collar tags imprinted with their name and your phone number, whether
7 Signs Your Cat Is Bored With Life
Discover some of the not-so-obvious signs your kitty is bored with life, as well as easy ways to keep them active and engaged, even when you're not home.
Do cats need to drink fresh water?
Cats need water to maintain their health and prevent illness. Without water on a daily basis, even healthy cats can develop dehydration, potentially exacerbating otherwise minor issues. Urine can become concentrated, leading to bladder infections or stones or regular grooming can more quickly lead to hairballs. Learn how to add more water to your cat’s diet and get
Enrichment Tips for Cats (That Many People Miss)
75% of cats have a moderately-enriched environment, and there are some easy ways to improve.
Easy Ways to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint
Living an eco-friendly lifestyle depends not only on the choices we make for ourselves, but on those we make for our pets. It can be easy to pick up another toy or toss out a whole tray of litter without considering the environmental impact...
Spring Cleaning When You Live With Cats
Any cat lover can tell you that while they make wonderful companions, cats make the messiest roommates. From the litter box to the feeding area to the shedding on your couch (and your bed, bathmats, computer chair), it can feel like there’s always something to clean—and it never stays that way. Your cleaning routine might involve
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