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8 Orange Tabby Cat Facts

Is it true that all orange cats have an insatiable desire for lasagna? Sadly, no. And do they all hate Mondays? We’ll have to get back to you on that one. If you’re curious about orange tabby cat facts, we’ve compiled a few below—just in time for Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

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Taking a Look Back at CatCon 2017!

CatCon® is where pop culture and cat culture converge! Litter-Robot has participated in CatCon since 2016, and you can bet we’ll be there this year. In anticipation of this year’s CatCon on August 4-5, we’re taking a look back at some of the highlights from the 2017 show.

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12 Cat Breeds That Originated in the U.S.

It goes without saying that we love cats of all nations, heritage, and pedigree. But in honor of All-American Pet Photo Day, we’re highlighting 12 cat breeds that originated in the U.S., including the American Shorthair, Balinese, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and more!

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Why Does Cat Pee Smell So Bad?

There’s perhaps no smell more distinct—or distinctly nose-wrinkling—than that of cat urine. But why does cat pee smell so bad? And why does it smell so much worse than dog urine? Litter-Robot’s resident veterinarian Dr. Justine Lee weighs in on this pungent mystery.

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Why Are Cats and Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

Some cats and dogs are scared of fireworks, storms, and other loud noises like vacuums. The reason is actually psychological in nature. Learn more and how to help, including creating a safe space for your pet, buying them a thundershirt, and, if all else fails, giving them anti-anxiety medication.

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Why Do Cats Knead Blankets And… Your Belly?

You may be wondering: Why do cats knead blankets and… your belly? When he confuses you for something soft and doughy, it’s not really because he’s hinting at you to get in shape—he’s just very content! But where did Kitty learn this adorable yet potentially painful behavior? Find out here.

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Meet Pawfficer Donut, Feline Crime Fighter!

It’s Take Your Pet To Work Week, so we decided to profile an especially impurrtant feline member of the workforce (one who is just down the road from Litter-Robot headquarters, in fact!). The Troy, Michigan, police department recently swore-in one Pawfficer Donut, newest member of the feline unit to purrtect and serve!

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Why Do Cats Knock Things Off Tables?

You might think your kitty has reached peak “cattiness” level when she refuses to stop batting objects off your tables and countertops—but it’s not all malice on her part. Cats like to knock things over for several reasons, starting with the deep-seated need to toy with their prey. Meow!

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Microchipping vs. a Pet GPS Tracker

Microchipping is a sure way to drastically increase your chances of finding a lost pet. However, with the rise in both wearable and pet-related technology, there’s now another option to consider: the pet GPS tracker. Compare some of the pros and cons between a pet GPS tracker and a microchip.

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Royal Cats Throughout History

Just in time for the Royal Wedding, learn all about royal cats throughout history, from ancient Egypt and the Orient, to Russia and Great Britain. These seemingly underrated purrinces and purrincesses have spanned epochs and cultures.


Pet Tax Deductions: Can You Write Off Your Cat?

With Tax Day looming, many of us are scrambling to find ways to add a few extra dollars to our returns. Maybe you’ve never considered pet tax deductions, but we’re here to inform you that such savings exist! Being a cat parent or an animal lover in general pays off—check out if you fall into one of the categories.

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15 Movies To Watch With Your Cat Right Meow

On those nights when nothing sounds better than curling up on the couch with your cat and watching a flick, you may have a difficult time finding one that holds kitty’s interest as much as your own. For the self-obsessed feline, these 15 movies feature one or more cats in a purrfect pivotal role.

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Feline Go Bragh: Are Green-Eyed Cats Lucky?

In honor of St. Catrick’s Day (how could we not?), we’re highlighting some of our favorite felines of the green-eyed variety. Simply put, green-eyed cats are good luck because all cats are good luck! Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about cat eye color.

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How to Talk to Your Cats about Tide Pods and Other Dangerous Temptations

In a world where memes often escalate into dares, how do you protect your feline loved ones from the peer pressure to consume seemingly innocent household objects? We jest—but in reality, the number of potential household hazards facing your naturally curious kitty is no laughing matter. Avoid a trip to the emergency vet by considering the enticing pitfalls of every room in your home.


Are Automated Pet Products Good or Bad for Cat Care?

Automated pet products are becoming more and more common, and today it seems like you can automate nearly every aspect of pet care! For the most part, this is great news for both cats and their people. But maybe you’re wondering if it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

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Cat Talk: The Language of Cat Sounds

Chances are, if you’re a cat parent, you’ve been known to let out a meow on occasion—or many occasions. The deep desire to communicate with our feline friends is in all of us cat lovers. What is my cat thinking? What is he saying to me? Does my cat really love me?One thing that is clear—they’re definitely saying something.