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How to Find the Right Veterinarian for Your Cat

Finding the right veterinarian is essential to your cat’s lifelong health and happiness. It’s common to go to the cheapest or the closest office—two important factors—but you should consider more than price and convenience when choosing your pet’s doctor.

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My cat caught a mouse. Now what?

Your cat caught a mouse. Now what? Cats have a desire to catch things and hunt. This is why cats adore playing with toys that tease them. Read about why cats love to chase mice and learn prevention techniques.

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Does my cat hate me?

The good news is, no, your cat does not actually hate you. But the bad news is that this doesn’t necessarily mean they love you in the way you hope. He just sees you as his equal. Learn about cat behavior and tendencies.

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How to Keep Your Cat Happy

Have you ever wondered how to keep your cat happy? You supply food, water, and shelter, but how do you turn surviving into thriving? With just a few extra steps, you can help your cat live his or her happiest and healthiest life.

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Why do cats love boxes?

Anyone who has spent time with cats knows how they love to find their way inside boxes: cardboard, plastic, wooden, plush—any type of box will do. But why do they love their boxes so? There’s actually a scientific explanation behind the magnetic attraction between cats and boxes.

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Can cats eat chocolate? No!

Most people know that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, but what about cats? As picky eaters, cats are far less likely than dogs to seek out your chocolate stash, but some will find their way into a chocolaty treat. The short answer is no, cats should never eat chocolate. But why not?


Should you crate your cat at night?

There are a number of situations when crating your cat might be a good idea. In general, though, a happy, healthy, well-adjusted kitty shouldn’t need nightly crating. Learn about crate-training a kitten at night and how to choose the right crate.

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Do cats see color?

Can cats see color? The human retina contains relatively fewer rods and more cones than a feline retina, which allows the human eye to detect more color variation and therefore clearer detail. On the other hand, cats can see better in low-light conditions. Learn more!

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Why does my cat like to scratch furniture?

You’ve probably found yourself wondering, “Why does my cat like to scratch furniture?” The short answer to that question is simply that it’s what cats do; it’s in their nature. But the answer is not to stop the scratching, but rather redirect it toward a dedicated scratch post or other item.

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Why does my cat keep throwing up?

Just like a person, your cat’s vomiting could be the result of anything from a meal eaten too quickly or a symptom of an illness. In order to know whether you need to take immediate action, there are a few things to consider. Learn what to look out for and what your cat’s vomit could mean.

Cat Training

How to Train Your Cat to Sit and More

If you’re looking for a way to make your new cat or kitten more obedient, then you may want to begin with the most basic trick in the book. Today, with the assistance of Dr. Sophia Yin, an acclaimed veterinarian and animal behaviorist, we offer a few pointers on how to train your cat to sit and more.

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Do cats sweat?

The short answer is, yes, cats do sweat, but not quite like we humans do. Overheating can be a serious issue, so it’s best to take some preventative measures. Although there are a number of ways your cat can cool itself, an overheated cat can be medically problematic.

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Calmest Breeds of Housecat

Whether your kids have moved out and you are relishing that new-found peace, or you have young children that need a playful and tame companion, some cats better than others. If you’re looking for a cat with a demeanor on the calmer side you may want to look into these breeds.

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Can cats drink milk?

Is milk healthy for your kitty? The short answer is that while cats can drink small amounts of milk, their digestive systems are not equipped with the right enzymes to handle it.

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Why Do Cats Spray?

Cats spray to mark their territory to gain control in situations that feel threatening or upsetting. Contrary to popular belief, cats are more likely to avoid direct confrontation. Instead, they leave messages for the offender as a way to show who’s boss. Read to help your cat feel comfortable.

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Why do cats use litter boxes?

Why do cats like litter boxes? To avoid being eaten or attacked by predators, ancestral cats had to cover up their tracks. The ones who had higher fitness, or who were more likely to survive and reproduce, knew that they needed to hide their waste in order to mask their scent.


How to Bathe Your Cat

Your cat should be able to maintain its own hygiene with its own grooming. Cats are capable of using their tongues and teeth to clean and groom their coats as needed. Occasionally, however, your cat may find its way into something exceptionally dirty and you may need to give it a bath. Here are some tips for how to bathe your cat.