The Truth Behind Whisker Fatigue
Does your cat drag you to the kitchen and announce, in impeccable cat English, that he’s starving—but then refuse to eat the meal you have lovingly prepared? Alternatively, does he nudge his food out of the bowl and then devour it off the floor? Does he leave a mess in his wake, without tipping you
Cat Allergies: Why are so many people allergic?
There may be no single thing as irritating and aggravating as pet allergies. Of the 2 percent of the U.S. population allergic to cats, about one-third of those people just can’t stop themselves and actually keep kitties as pets. Why, oh why, must it be our feline friends, our precious little kitties, who wreak the
Cat Hairball Remedies
Guest post by Louise Burpee, DVM   This article originally appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of Southern Paws & Tails.   The sounds and sights of hairballs are part of every cat owner’s life! Known technically as trichobezoars, hairballs are tubular shaped wads of woven downy fur moistened with stomach juices. They are gagged or
Is your cat bilingual?
No, your cat isn’t picking up French (or even English) any time soon, but kitty is studying how to communicate with you. While every toddler knows the answer to the question, “What sound does a cat make?,” meow isn’t the only right answer. It is, however, a cat’s special form of communication reserved for its human companions. The
It’s Kitten Season! Here’s How to Help!
Ah, kitten season. So many kittens—too many kittens—could there be such a thing? Unfortunately, for shelters, the answer is yes. Kitten season is often their most overwhelming time of year. Cat mating season is approximately January through February and about two months...
6 Common Microchip Misconceptions
June is National Microchipping Month and whether your pet is already microchipped or you’re considering getting one, we’re here to clear up some common microchip misconceptions. – Misconception 1: My pet has an ID tag, so I don’t need a microchip. All pets should wear collar tags imprinted with their name and your phone number,
Enrichment Tips for Cats (That Many People Miss)
75% of cats have a moderately-enriched environment, and there are some easy ways to improve.
How to Help a Stray Cat
Finding a stray cat can be a heart-wrenching, confusing, and potentially dangerous experience. With an estimated 70 million cats roaming freely in the US, it’s likely you or someone you know will encounter one. We checked in with the folks at The Humane Society to find out how to help a stray pet. Stray vs.
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