Why Does My Cat Purr?
You love when your cat curls up next to you and starts to purr incessantly. But we sort of only assume that pleasure is what’s giving way to that odd, mysterious vibrating deep within our feline companions. What’s really causing your cat to purr like a small, yet consistent motor? That is still not entirely
Cats Drinking From Water Fountains
When your cat’s thirsty your cat’s thirsty, and there’s just no way around it. Sure, it’ll drink water from a bowl, but there’s nothing quite as thrilling and exhilarating as the feeling of cool, running water over a parched tongue. Whether you’re a human, a canine or a feline, you know that wonderful, glorious feeling
Cat Quotations: Famous Words On Cats
Cats have long had a very profound influence on humankind, and there are more than a few rather poignant quotations from some serious thinkers on the topic of cats. Here are just a few…   Robert A. Heinlein “Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used
Cat Pregnancy: What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting
You may be feeling slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of your cat’s pregnancy, but you can rest assured that you, your cat and your cat’s new kittens are going to be just fine. According to the very competent sources at Web MD,...
Hours Of Fun With Cats And Laser Pointers
Playing with your cat is a very important aspect of cat ownership. Sometimes, though, you might not feel up to moving about as excitedly as your cat might. That’s okay, because you can use a laser pointer to engage with your cat while you get the rest that you might need. It’s a win-win, but
Is My Cat Fat?
Feline obesity is a real problem. Even though it might seem like an easy one to identify, some cat owners are still unsure, and even less so when it comes to solving the problem. Here are some ways to tell if you cat is obese and to remedy the problem once you’ve identified it. How
What Vaccines Should I Get My Cat?
Whether you’ve just got a new kitten or you’ve adopted an adult cat, there are certain vaccinations that are either required or highly advisable depending on the age, medical history, environment and lifestyle of your cat. Here, from the always-informative sources at Web MD, is what you should know about the necessary and recommended vaccines
How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You
It may not happen often, but there have been reported cases of cat owners being assassinated by their own cats. Though this may sound ridiculous, cats are actually the perfect assassins, with their ninja-like agility, their imperceptible stealth, their razor sharp claws and teeth and their penchant for settling the score. Here are a few
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